dirty bitch

I’m a dirty bitch right now.

I’ve come back to Oxford to dust and mop for our Open House this weekend and I am filthy.

Who knew there could be so much dust in one house…especially in the blinds? (probably everyone knew but me since I apparently never dust. Hey Mel, if you dusted more, this wouldn’t be a problem!)

So, anyway, that’s not the only thing that makes me dirty…I discovered yesterday that something really is wrong with me.

It’s not a secret that I’m not right in the head. Not long ago, I confessed my lust for Steve from Blue’s Clues. I opened up my heart and let it bleed on my blog. And now I’m about to do it again.

Remember the country boy from Sling Blade? You know, little Lucas Black? Well, I’ve been watching this boy grow up and finding my thoughts turning toward the impure as he became a teenager. Friday Night Lights was a great movie (and a great TV show, too) and Lucas was extremely hot. But too young for me to call hot, so I just ignored the naughtiness that meandered inside me. But then last night, I finally watched The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Oh how my naughty river flowed once again.

Thank God he’s 25 years old now. At least I’m not as dirty as I first thought. Which I think is a good thing…

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