I won’t be around much this week. I dunno. I could be lying (it’s been known to happen before). I might be around a lot this week. But plans are, I’ll be up to my hooha in writing and won’t have time to post my drivel. We’ll see.

I’m in Oxford this week…with NO CAR. Yes, that’s right. I’m rideless. Which is perfect, because I need to hunker d0wn and write. However, if I run out of booze groceries, I’ll be calling some of my friends for help. Just letting y’all know in advance.

My plans are to finish 1st draft of Bite Me! by next Friday, get it to CPs for them to tell me it’s total shit and needs to be completely overhauled. Then I’ll completely overhaul it and send it to fab editor for her to tell me it’s total shit and needs to completely overhauled. Rinse. Repeat. Sound like a plan?

So, until we meet again.

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