because i’m feeling a little thefty…

Okay, so here’s today’s entertainment…Thanks to Kristen for letting me steal it.

From my stats page….here are my recent “googles”. At least there’s no “melissa francis husband” this week. Last week, there were like 30. I’m beginning to wonder wtf is up with the cnbc anchor and her spouse… and to the person who googled “mel’s ta-tas” last week, we (my ta-tas and I) would like to welcome you!

Num Perc. Search Term
drill down 3 21.43% melissa francis
drill down 2 14.29% big dam bridge
drill down 1 7.14% drama-halloween
drill down 1 7.14% mel francis blog
drill down 1 7.14% mel melissa blog
drill down 1 7.14% happy feet diversity stereotypes
drill down 1 7.14% fat suitvanessa minillo
drill down 1 7.14% she was randy
drill down 1 7.14% drama about thanksgiving
drill down 1 7.14% mel’s supermarket haunted house
drill down 1 7.14% steve burns crush

Just so you know, I’m thrilled that I’m not the only one who has a crush on Steve Burns. And there is always drama at Thanksgiving…otherwise, it would just be “dinner”. And yes, there’s always drama at Halloween, otherwise, it would just be another date night…

Yesterday was pretty successful. I have set a higher page goal today and intend to meet it. Will check in tomorrow…

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