This has been a great week writing wise. I’ve logged 28 pages since Monday. And I don’t care who you are, that’s totally fucktastic.

Oh yeah. I went there.

It’s 35 degrees this morning, so I’m wrapped in my blanket sitting at my desk looking at the frost on the ground. Fishdog will be here this afternoon, he’s got some Oxford stuff he has to attend to. But it’s just the two of us. The boys are with Nonnie until Sunday.

The end of the manuscript is on the horizon. I think I’m on schedule to have the first draft finished by the weekend so the lovely CPs can hack it up for me. I’m totally looking forward to that. LOL And then after I do some revisions, I’ll get to pop my first deadline cherry.

So, I’ll report in later, meanwhile, y’all tell me what’s been going on in your world? I feel a little lonely, with nobody but my pets to talk to. And I kinda think they’re getting a little bit tired of me working through vampire plot points with them…

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