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I am not feeling particularly witty or bloggy today. But I have been a good blogger lately, so I thought I would continue the trend.

Did you know this is NaBloPoMo? Yes, instead of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) they’ve created a National Blog Posting Month. My friends and very witty bloggers, Killer and Liz, are participating. You should go check them out. There’s no telling what today’s topic will be. Usually it’s balls, or farts, or booze–sometimes their blogss hit the tri-fecta and cover all three topics in one post! I’ve been so buried in my cave, I haven’t even been able to read all their posts for the month, yet. But I have them marked unread on my google reader so I can go back and enjoy them when I finish the book.

Speaking of the book and balls–yesterday sucked monkey balls. Blech. I wrote 3 pages. I couldn’t concentrate. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to distraction. I can be sitting in a dark room with nothing but a laptop and before you know it, I’ve been playing with a piece of lint on my shirt for an hour. Seriously, focus is not my friend.

But today is another day.

is in town now. Wonder if he’ll stay out of my hair. If the man wanted hair, he could try to regrow his own, you know?

Oh, and to the person in Iowa who googled:

my farts smell disgusting what is wrong with me

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with finding a cure for that. If you do find one, could you let me know? I live in a house with all boys and sometimes, they asphyxiate me with their heinous anuses. or would that be ani?

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