a late night blog

Tonight was girls’ night out with my college roommates and my BFF from high school. Yes, that’s right, I said high school.

We were celebrating Jenn’s 40th birthday. This is just after we celebrated PamPam’s 40th. God, my 40th is creeping closer, but thank God we have to go through Nick’s and then Fishdog’s before we get to mine. I’ve got 1 year and 4 months to go and I’m savoring every second.

Now I’m wound up. I’m a little sleepy, but not tired enough to go to bed. So I’m looking for someone to play with. Nobody is online, nobody is awake. It’s just me and my computer.

and my cell phone.

I could text Feisty. She might be awake. Of course, she’s probably doing something naughty. She’s always up to something naughty…

Today was another good writing day. Good as in I wrote quite a few pages…I’m not sure that the pages are high quality. We’ll soon see, I suppose.

Wow. My son is totally talking in his sleep. I can hear him all the way through the house. Awesome. Fishdog does that too, especially when he’s really tired. Or really stressed. Or feeling guilty…

I could keep typing here, but I really have nothing to say. It’s not a drunk blog, because I’ve only had a couple of beers and that was a long ass time ago. (really good beers, though.) Besides, if this was a drunk blog, it would be funnier. It’s really not very funny. I might even delete it.

If I had another couple of beers, I might tell y’all about the sex talks we had tonight. We even discussed my love of Gay Porn and who we’d switch teams for. But I’m outta beer so you’re outta luck.

peace y’all.

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