not the colbert report

I so enjoyed the “Daily Showesque” video blog by the Daily Show writers the other day and I was hoping that The Colbert Report would follow suit. They have and it is made of awesome.

I stole it from Wil Wheaton again because hey, it’s not everyday you get to steal from Wesley. (That was for you, Maria. Yes, this is the same Wil Wheaton from Star Trek fame…his third book is out, if you wanna support the writer not just the actor…)

I’m tired and a little cranky this morning. I have to finish Bite Me! today before I go shopping for new house stuff. Of course, I just want to shop. But nope. I’m going to power through. I think I have about 10 pages left….

Then I’ll spend the week revising based on Louisa’s and Maria’s comments and get it to my awesome editor by Friday! Whoohoo!

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