a good book

I read this book over the weekend and I posted a review for it on Amazon (which I RARELY do). If you are looking for a good book for a teenage girl 14 years and older, I HIGHLY recommend Angel’s Choice.

Here’s my review:
ANGEL’S CHOICE begins in typical teenage fashion. A girl, a boy, a party and a very bad decision. Angel Hansen is a senior in high school and her plans for the future included graduating, going to Yale, and becoming a novelist. She’s always been the smart girl. But at the end-of-summer party, she has a lapse in judgement that will change her reputation and affect the rest of her life. With all options available to her, what choice will Angel make?

ANGEL’S CHOICE takes an honest look at teenage pregnancy and the decisions that go along with such a difficult situation. Taking a walk in Angel’s shoes is not easy. But it is heartwarming and emotional and realistic.

Lauren Baratz-Logsted tackles a difficult topic without judgement. ANGEL’S CHOICE is heart-warming and sincere and a must read for any teenage girl.

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