Do you hear the echo on my blog? When I woke up this morning, I thought Hmmm, I should blog and when a tumbleweed rolled by, I realized it really was starting to look like a ghost town around here.

I’m trying (and obviously failing) to get into a blog routine again. I haven’t felt the mojo lately. I’m sure it’s because I’ve been blowing and going since before Thanksgiving. Moving is stressful enough, but to move during the holidays and while working on your first set of revisions? As my favorite Angry Beaver would say, That’s just NUTS!

Fishdog is in Oxford this week, so dudes, call him tonight if y’all wanna go out for a bevvy. He’d appreciate it. Especially since he came home to discover the heat had gone out. Oh yeah, nothing like trying to get cozy in a 53 degree empty house (well, there is a bed). Brrrr. Just add ‘fix heater’ to our long list of things to do. (Thanks, Dino for putting him up for the night!)

Christmas shopping is done except for the stocking stuffers. I have to mail out 4 gifts today…one of them is my Romance Diva Secret Santa gift. I hope the person I picked loves it! I’m also mailing my CPs their gifts and my niece in North Carolina hers.

We still don’t have a tree. Fishdog has been kinda Grinchy lately. Can you believe he actually suggested we CANCEL CHRISTMAS? hello!!! Are you kidding me? I’ve been living with my mother for 4 months. I deserve Christmas. And so do the boys. So, we’re getting a tree today. I don’t care if it’s a Charlie Brown tree…it’s still a tree. Fishdog says he’s bringing me my decorations from Oxford. I won’t over do the decorating–Christmas is only a week away. But I do want to hang the stockings and a wreath.

Okay, I’m hitting my revisions now. They’re due Friday and maybe a Christmas miracle will happen and I’ll get them finished! 🙂 It’ll be down to the wire, that’s for sure. What’s been going on with y’all? You done shopping? You started shopping? Wrapping? Did you overspend this year or is that just status quo?

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