morning people

I’ve never been a morning person. As a matter of fact, I used to refer to those blasted folks (Fishdog)who rise from sleep all chipper and shit, as people who suffer from Morning Syndrome.

But as I’ve gotten older lately, I’m realizing I’m becoming one of those people.

I wake up before 6 a.m. every day. On my own. Before my alarm. And I’m awake-awake. Not just “my eyes are open” awake. And for those of you who don’t think “before 6” is early–go away. It is.

Knowing I have to get up in a half hour anyway, I usually just get out of bed. Sometimes I lay there and do some “serious thinking” about my book. (we don’t call it plotting, because what I do is the loosest form of plotting known to man.) This is where I came up with my brilliant new title for my brilliant new YA that I’m working on. I woke up, it was early, and the title just JUMPED into my head. I love it when that happens, though I hate having to get out of bed to act on it.

I wouldn’t mind being a morning person if the bed wasn’t so damn warm and comfortable. I hate leaving my snuggly cocoon, even if I am wide-freaking awake. And sweet Ruby is always burrowed against me and Fishdog’s feet are always keeping mine warm. But no. I must do what I must do. Motherhood calls. Breakfast must be fixed (today was waffles). Kids must be micromanaged (how many times did I tell Rader to brush his teeth today? Anyone care to guess?) The dogs must be fed and let outside. The cats must be worshipped. And the blog must be written.

See the sacrifices I make for you?

Tell me, are you a morning person on purpose? Have you always been? Or are you slowly becoming one as you get older ?

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