not my original blog..

Okay, I was going to blog about last night’s Millionaire Matchmaker. Not about the show itself but about one of last night’s eyebrows bachelor’s eyebrows. But I couldn’t find a good enough picture to post. The eyebrows were kinda like that talking stain commercial. You tried to look away, but you couldn’t. They were NOT RIGHT. If you get a chance to catch Episode 7 this week in reruns, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

You can check out some pics from the episode here.

Flip through them. You’ll know the guy when you involuntarily flinch in horror and then find yourself unable to look away.

We’re gearing up for my big birthday celebration in Hot Springs. It’s gonna be a blast! Last year was the first year we missed in 12 years! (but, we were in Florida riding rides and having a blast, so it was totally okay)

Ian and I have a birthday 2 days apart. (25 years and 2 days, to be exact) He’s turning 14 this year and he’s planning a party. I’m thinking we need a disco ball, some awesome outdoor lights, and a couple of super CDs made up of Monster Ballads so they can rock out and slow dance simultaneously.

Yeah, I live to embarrass my children. Their total humiliation helps me forget the whole pregnancy/labor thing.

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