the great disappointment

I know to be skeptical when the weatherdudes spend 24 hours warning us that we are going to get 5-10 inches of snow. This happens at least once a year–they get all a-twitter about the impending snow storm they create more buzz than a swarm of bees.

Grocery stores run out of bread and milk.

Liquor stores run out of booze.

And kids stay up late because they won’t have school so what does it matter?

It sleeted for 4 hours last night, but the ground was still warm, so nothing really stuck.

“Never fear!” said the weatherdudes. “The great snow dump is coming.”

Um. And when would that be? Because it sure didn’t happen last night.

Not. One. Inch.

It finally started snowing about 15 minutes ago but the weatherdudes have changed their accumulation predictions to 1-4 inches. I have determined that in the future, they need to refrain from getting everyone’s hopes up like they did. If they always predict 1-4 inches and we actually get a foot, then nobody will care. But let me tell you, they do care if you predict a foot and we only get an inch.

Not cool.

In other news, I broke down and got myself a crackBlackberry Curve. A couple of years ago, I had purchased a Blackjack (totally fell for their marketing) and though I liked it, I also had some issues with it. Especially after I switched from a PC to a Mac. I couldn’t even use bluetooth from my blackjack to my Mac. How dumb is that?

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my crackBlackberry. I was going to hold out for an iPhone, but I’ve heard that they are very easy to break and since I drop my phone multiple times a week, I decided I’d better go with something sturdier. Besides, I’m just not ready to drop $500 on a phone.

I’ll keep y’all updated on the Great Snow of 2008! and hopefully, I’ll even have pictures. You know–of actual snow.

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