birthday week, day four!

Today, I’m going to discuss some of my favorite things. Cartoons.

But not just any old cartoons. Nay.

Special cartoons that should’ve never been cancelled. Ever. And I’m not talking about Roadrunner or Popeye or Tom and Jerry or any of that crap. I’m talking about innovative, funny, and smart cartoons that walk the line between kid and adult. Innuendo is our friend.

1. Aaagh! Real Monsters
If you didn’t see this cartoon, you truly missed out on a treat. This show was only on the air for 4 years, but they were 4 brilliant years. The cartoon followed three fledgling monsters in training, Oblina, Krumm, and Ickis. They attended a school below the city dump and when they had a scare assignment, they would go to the surface (oftentimes traveling through the sewer). The Headmaster’s name was The Gromble and I believe he may have been the first (the only?) cross-dressing cartoon character on Nickelodeon. (Tranny! Hot Mess.)

2. Rocko’s Modern Life
How could you not love a cartoon that followed the life of a wallaby who’s best friend was a cow raised by wolves? Guess what the cow’s name was? Heifer Wolfe. Oh yeah. Awesome.

3. Ren and Stimpy
Fishdog and I dated to Ren and Stimpy, so of course I have a soft spot in my heart for this show. I still quote the show as well. “Stimpy, you eeeeeediot.” “Happy, happy, Joy, Joy!” and of course, one of my favorite ditties (sang to the “Slinky” commercial tune

What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs

Rolls over your neighbor's dog?

What's great for a snack and fits on your back?

It's Log, Log, Log!

It's Log, Log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood.

It's Log, Log, it's better than bad, it's good!

Everyone wants a log! You're gonna love it, Log!

Come on and get your log! Everyone needs a Log!"

4. Pinky and the Brain
How can you not love a cartoon that spawned witticisms such as these?
Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?
Pinky: I think so, Brain. If they called them sad meals, nobody would buy them.
Brain: Moo. We are a cow. Take us to China.
Pinky: Narf!

Pinky: What are we going to do tonight, Brain?
Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world.

5. The Angry Beavers
First of all, the title itself is just a winner. Secondly, how fun is it following the lives of two beaver brothers, Norbert and Daggett aka Daggy Waggy? The brothers beave left their parents to live the life of bachelor beavers in the woods. There was a great cast of characters, including a bear, a stump, and a hippy Beaver named Treeflower (she was Norbert’s love interest)

The show was cancelled not long after a parent emailed Nickelodeon to complain that Norbert told Dag to shut up in an episode. Yeah, cuz brothers never do that! If you can find these on DVD, do not pass go until you buy them. Best. Show. Ever.

6. Beavis and Butthead
Really? Did you really think I wouldn’t miss this show? Yes, I’m easily entertained. Whatever. Loved this show.
“I’m Cornholio! Need TP for my bunghole!”

‘Nuf said.

Are there any cartoons you really miss? Did you guys watch any of these or am I the only sadly demented one in the world?

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