birthday recap

Backstory to set up Friday morning:
I have been married to Fishdog for 1 month shy of 15 years. I know him pretty well. He rarely surprises me–especially on big days like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. He doesn’t like to spend money, so if there is something that we want that is over $50, it really is tough on him. He just won’t buy it. I knew that I was going to have to buy my own Awesome Pink iPod Nano. I’ve been wanting one since forever. I have asked for one more times than I can remember. I had already decided that if I didn’t get one for my birthday, I would be buying it myself.

I get out of bed Friday morning and shuffle to my computer to check email and lust over my white trash crushes one more time.

Fishdog gets up and says, “You got that bean juice going yet?”


“Why not.”

“We’re out.”

“Go see.”

“You go see.”

Heavy sigh. about 10 mins go by and I’m in the kitchen fixing me a glass of water.

Fishdog: “Hey, while you’re there, check on the coffee.”

Me: “Honey, it’s my birthday, you should be making me coffee.”

“Just check on the coffee woman!”


I open the container, and there is my iPod.

He does learn!

Thanks, honey. You rock.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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