white-thong is the new awesome

Just finished watching The Bachelor. I know. I shouldn’t watch such mind-numbing tripe, but I can’t help myself. The new bachelor is British. And hot.

But the best part of tonight’s show? Stacey.She’s cute. Sure her rock-hard boobs will poke your eye out, but if you manage to keep your eyesight, you can see she’s plainly not ugly.

But when she got off the limo, I told Fishdog she’d had some Valium and possibly a Xanax as an appetizer. Then, after she overtly flirted and almost man-handled the handsome Brit, she went inside to booze it up.

By the end of the night, she had started a cat-fight, taken off her white lacy thong and given it to the handsome Brit, and passed out on an unmade bed. Unmade as in no sheets. At all. Just a mattress.

Oh yeah. White-thong is the new awesome.

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