home again, home again

Well, we’re back in the Rock in one piece. We had a great weekend hanging out with our friends and doing loads of yard work. Do you know how hard it is to make a garden pretty when you no longer live there to appreciate it? Sigh.

While I was weeding my flowerbed in Oxford, I found the St. Joseph I had buried last fall. I can be pretty superstitious so when multiple people told me to bury a St. Joseph to help my house sell, I did…well, when I found St. Joe this week, I gave him a stern talking to. I think we came to an understanding, and I reburied him beneath a new Gerbera daisy. He must’ve really understood, because the next morning, we got a call from our Realtor. No, we didn’t have an offer, but we did have two new scheduled appointments. That’s a start.

Now I have to get started on my yard in Little Rock. I’ll admit, I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do or where to start. My front yard is nearly all moss, which means there is way too much shade for most grasses. I’d like to sod it, but I have to find the appropriate shade loving grass to do that. My friend suggested I plug it with Dwarf Mondo grass. She said it takes some time, but it only grows to a certain height and stops, so it never has to be mowed and it stays green year around. I may try that. I dunno though, if it’s too much work it might not be worth it for me. I love to garden–in spurts. LOL

Anyway, today I’m finishing my proposal that I didn’t finish last week. I have about 10 pages left. Then I’m off into the world of revision for a while. Fun. For. Days.

Did you have a good Easter weekend? Did you do anything fun or exciting? What’s up, y’all?

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