the sungoddess enjoyed her weekend. and a recipe! also a little Game of Thrones talk. #GoT

The ex used to call me a sungoddess and this weekend, I finally rediscovered her. (Boy I miss the lakehouse…)

The sun is worshiping the goddess. Or is the goddess worshiping the sun? Tomato/ToMAHto.

The sun is worshiping the goddess. Or is the goddess worshiping the sun? Tomato/ToMAHto.

So basically, Saturday the girls and I had a fabulous brunch where I cooked the most amazing quiche (recipe to follow) and Lynne fixed the most amazing biscuits and gravy and Robyn made the most amazing mimosas. And then we went to the pool and lounged about.

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Muy delicioso!


Pie crust
1 8 oz bar Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese
5 eggs
5(or more) cooked slices of bacon
1/4-1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup milk
baby spinach (about 3/4 of a cup)
1 cup cheddar cheese
salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon basil

Preheat oven to 425

Put the pie crust in the pie plate. (Duh) Soften the cream cheese then spread evenly on the pie crust. Cover the cream cheese with Cholula sauce. (to taste. I use a lot.) Break up all the bacon and layer it on top of the cream cheese. Layer 3/4 of the cheddar cheese next.

Whip the eggs, sour cream, milk, salt, pepper and basil til well blended. Remove the stems from the baby spinach and add to the egg mixture. Pour into the pie. Cover with remaining cheese.

Cover the edges of your crust with foil or a pie crust protector. Bake at 425 for 15 minutes, then turn the heat to 350 and bake another 20-30 minutes.

SUPRISE MUTHAFUCKA! This is some good shit! And it’s very high in protein, especially if you use the Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese.

Now…Let’s talk about the let down that was the Game of Thrones finale…

I mean, yes, I’m glad Arya and the Hound had a moment. And that Dani had a moment. And that Sansa and Tyrion and a moment. But when you offer up a foreshadowing smack to the head with a skillet when Bran discusses the unforgivable sin of killing a guest in your home…and then the next scene is that hideous Walder Frey bragging about having done just that…and then you DON’T KILL ANYONE THAT DESERVES TO DIE in the season finale…well, it’s just anticlimactic.

The episode was just Okay. I guess I have grown to have huge expectations from this show because this season has just flown by and each episode has really been fast and fulfilling…so I expected something more from the season ender.  I am soooo looking forward to the next season. I am really gonna miss Hodor. LOL

hodorWell, at least I have Newsroom to look forward to. Oh, and that trainwreck True Blood that I can’t seem to stop watching. I blame it on the Viking Vampire.

Rader returned safely from his tournament in Decatur. They were not champions, but they finished with a win in their final game. He reported that he played well and is glad to be back in AR. I’m gonna be glad to see him tonight. The prodigal son of mine returned home last night. It was nice to see his face again. I like having my big babies all under the same roof.

Alright gang. That’s about it for this Monday report. Except I’m crying all the cries because my arms are hurting all the hurts thanks to the weed-eater. WHY MUST IT WEIGH 20BILLION POUNDS? #ouch.


As in, let’s “ketchup”!

Ugh. that was horrible. And now I want fries.

First off, happy belated mother’s day to all the moms who don’t suck.

Check out my awesome Mother’s Day gift that my cool boys got for me.

They tried to find me the perfect flamingo they said, but this is perfect. Me gusta mucho.

Update on the spider bite:

Friday I woke with a super swollen and painful arm. Weird. But it’s probably because Walgreens sucks now that they’ve purchased all the USA Drugs and they never seem to be able fill a prescription timely anymore. Apparently they were out of my antibiotic and didn’t bother to tell me prior to texting me that my prescription was ready. So when we get there, they let us know it’ll be ready tomorrow. And it was…around 5:30 pm. Which allowed the toxin/infection another 24 hours to grow. And so, I was pitiful and whiny on Friday while I waited for the meds to kick in.

Saturday I was all better, so I cleaned up my yard.

OH…Why was I cleaning my yard? Because another Hammered McHammerstein decided to drive through a tree in my front yard. She was on Xanax, not booze. That didn’t stop her from getting arrested. Trust me. Here’s some pictures, and if you want real entertainment, watch the video at the end of my blog. Yes. She was followed and filmed. It’s kinda like my own personal episode of COPS.

So I sawed up the giant holly bush she mowed over, and Jefe finally got to the tree in the back yard that broke during the ice this winter. We did LOTS of sawing. And hauling. And I still need to get the left over car debris from the yard before I mow… yippee.

And Mother’s Day started with pancakes and ended with cheese dip with a lot of John Deere time in between. All with my boys… THESE ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!

Now, for your viewing pleasure…Hammered Driving:

Hey Ho! It’s Monday!

I don’t know about y’all, but I had a pretty fantastic weekend.

First off, we had driving lessons #2 and #3 this weekend. Rader did great! He’s becoming a pro!

We’re practicing at Burns Park, so we took a moment to appreciate one of my favorite places while we were there:

Rader ran the Rocket 5K Saturday morning, so after our driving lesson, we came home and he seriously fell flat asleep at 4:30 and didn’t move until the middle of the night. Poor kid. He was beat up. Probably he was worn out from all his awesome. (he gets that from his mother…)

He didn’t run wearing the horse head, that belonged to a friend. He did, however, run wearing that awesome shirt.

Sunday I found myself itching to be outside and get dirty…so I planted stuff. Welcome to my salsa garden!

In the pots we have tomatoes and peppers. In the herb planter, we have sweet basil, dill, rosemary and cilantro.

My handsome domestic partner (heehee) helped me repair the herb planter… I like having a man who’s good with his hands at my disposal…

I saw my first snake of the season, too. It was a wee-itty-bitty thing. And it was magical…it disappeared right before my eyes! I hope it was a king snake and not a copperhead!

And just because, here’s your gratuitous Ruby pic. Isn’t she a gorgeous little hot mess?

Tomorrow we are heading to see the Travelers play! I love Dickey-Stephens park and this will be Jefe’s first experience with Traveler baseball! I can’t wait!

Hope y’all have a great week. Happy Monday!

Workout Wednesday…

My days of Wine Wednesdays are gone for now. Do I miss them? Well, sure! I miss hanging with my girls on Wednesdays the most…however, I’m really enjoying my workouts, too. And I love the way my body is responding to regaining its fitness.

Yesterday, I added five 30 second sprints throughout my 30 minute run. I read that adding sprints to your runs will actually help you burn an additional 200 calories. It also increases your endurance without increasing your workout time. Since I’m working 7 days a week and it’s still getting dark too early, I can’t do my once-a-week long endurance walk/run. So I have to try to increase my endurance in the shortest amount of time possible.

I’m super-stoked about doing the 1/2 Marathon again.

I was a little disappointed to discover that recording my abdominal workouts on doesn’t actually give me credit for additional calories burned. Hmph. I think if I do 200+ crunches a night, I’m burning some damn calories.

OH! And I think my elbow is healed enough that I can start BootyCamp again! I’m graduating myself from Beginner BootyCamp to Big Girl BootyCamp! I’m stoked. I just have to use light weights in the beginning so as not to re-injure my arm.

This weekend, we finally got a chance to start moving the storm debris down to the burn pile. Them was some heavy branches, let me just tell ya. We tried to move the branches in the front yard with the tractor, but they wouldn’t budge. Next up…a chainsaw.

This tree in the backyard is probably going to have to be completely removed. Sigh. It was such a pretty tree…

What’s going on in your world? Any fun news? Anyone really that concerned that Beyonce lip-synced at the Inauguration? no? Me either. This is NOT news, people, nor is it important.

Oh yeah: My Bachelor Recap is up at Hey Don’t Judge Me.…Go read the crazy and fill your eyes with Shirtless Sean…

Yeah. It was that good.

Seriously, I had one of the best weekends ever.

Robyn’s little girl turned 13 on Saturday so we decided to surprise her with donuts, balloons and a yard full of decorated pumpkins.

Operation Pumpk’d was a great success!

After our pumpkin shenanigans, we all headed to Chili Fights in the Heights, then back to da Godfodda’s house for some foozball, ribs and beverages.

and lots of smiles.

Yesterday was a John Deere day…probably the last mow of the season. It was a gorgeous day to ride around and I did it with a smile.

Hope y’all had as awesome of a weekend as I did. xoxo

sowing the seeds

My blog title sounds deep, huh? Except I’m being literal…check out the progress on the seeds I have sown!

This is after 1 week of growth. I can’t wait for flowers!

Oh and before I forget, here’s my daily check in from yesterday:

Writing: No new words, but I read over my pages and notes that I’ve made.

Exercise: Walked on campus yesterday. Nothing really strenuous, but definitely movement. Today I will be going to the gym at lunch.

This past Saturday, a group of us got together for a patio cookout. Check out the view!

We had a great night…lots of food and laughter, and for once, I wasn’t the one taking all the pictures! I did, however, apply a filter to one of them just because I find it totally fun.

I’ve been told the next cookout will be held at the Compound de MelJefe. I suppose I should start looking for a date…and possibly purchase a grill. 🙂

oh it’s a good friday indeed.

Bobcat Greyskull loves this azalea bush because of the butterflies. He’s the master of butterfly attacks and I try to be their protector, but sadly, he still manages to get one or two.

Clementine is hard core. Butterflies are for babies. She laughs at them. Yesterday, apparently she brought El Jefe a cardinal. I saw a giant crow in the field today and wondered where Clementine was hiding. I know she was plotting its demise.

So this is apparently Easter weekend. Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate. What this means for me? Mom’s baked ham. Mmmmmm.

Today is pedi day! I’m so excited because my disco toes now look like they’ve been used up in a back alley and left for dead.

In other news…my flower bed is sprouting! I planted Zinnias, Sweet William, Cosmos, Daisies (duh), Cornflower, and Foxglove. My house should be full of fresh cut flowers this summer. YAY!

So happy happy weekend to all my peeps. <–hurr (see what I did there? Easter? Peeps? Hurr Hurr!) I’ll see you Monday!

2011: Month of Mel Day One

The Month of Mel has arrived…and with it, so have the daffodils! YAY flowers! and Spring! and Warmth! and Sunshine! and Me!

Check out Kitty G checking out the daffodils in my backyard. How sweet is that?

One thing I’ve missed over the past few years is my flowerbed. In Oxford, I built a ginormous bed which sometimes was way too much work…but the end result was always worth it. I had a beautiful rose garden at the end of the house, two giant star hibiscus, some gardenias (OMG I
This year, I’m not going to plant a garden, but I am going to do some potted plants & hanging baskets on my front porch. Daisies (my favoirite), sunroses, geraniums…anything with color. Because let’s face it, vivid is the only way to be. 🙂

This is gonna be a great day–I’m sparkling bright for day one of the Month of Mel…are you?

do not adjust your settings.

It is indeed Saturday. And yes, I am blogging.

I’ll take a sip of my coffee while I let you recover.

Better now? Good.

So, I’m in Oxford (MS not UK) showing the house. I mowed the yard yesterday. Much easier than last week. It was totally a jungle. Today, I’m weed-eating. I am YardGirl, hear me roar. I think I need a cape–a green one, of course.

Since the house is vacant except for a futon mattress and some barstools, I’ve had to be creative. (The following pictures are from my cell phone, sorry for the quality)

I sleep here:

I work here:

I enjoy my beer here:

and I watch my movies or read here:

Oh, and my internet? Courtesy of my neighbor. The only place I can access it? Here:

This is minimalist living at its finest.

Okay, YardGirl must stop procrastinating and get outside to weed-eat. What? you thought I was blogging on a Saturday for no reason? hah!