the spring breaks

Last year, we went to Orlando via Tallahassee for Spring Break. I got to hang out with my best friend and CP, Maria Geraci before I headed off to the World of Disney and the Studios of Universal. We had a tiring but fantastic time.

This year, we’re at home. The boys have soccer camp in the mornings, but their afternoons are fairly free. Ian’s girlfriend is out of town, so he spends much of his day texting her. He has come down with a cold, so yesterday, he slept the day away. Rader is spending his days catching up on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne show. My boys LOVE LOVE LOVE Madea and she makes guest appearances on the show, so they eat it up.

Spring Break is only fun when you go somewhere. So, I took Rader and his cousins to the Little Rock Zoo yesterday. It was a beautiful day. Unfortunately, the entire population of Little Rock joined us there. Crowded as shit. Oh well.

I’ve exercised everyday this week. It helps when I have a good book downloaded to my iPod and right now, I’m listening to Jennifer Weiner’s Goodnight Nobody. I’m enjoying it. I really like her style. I think I’ll download Sophie Kinsella’s latest “un” shopaholic book next.

I’m off to the salon to get my hairs cut and colored. I need a pedicure badly. Maybe if I wear sandals, they’ll take pity on me and offer one for free….

Anything special happening this week?

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