dudes. internet friends are awesome

Okay, so I’ve been friends with Robyn (aka Birdrunner) for a very long time. Like since 1994. She and Fishdog were pals in high school and Fishdog was in her wedding. It’s awesome. You should see his awesome hair from 1991.


I’ve also met her sister, Lee (aka Stinkydog) via the internet…and guess who I’m hanging out with right now?

Heeeeeeere’s Stinky!

oh mang. It’s bad. We’ve veen drinking margs since oh, I dunno about 5:14pm. I met Mel at 5:30 and she immediately pressed her breasteses against mine and we realized right away that she had the upper hand. Obvy, she has the superior brain (and boobs… says Mel–you be the judge). Her sons are territorial and will not let me get within 8-10 feet. Her husband has obvious envy against my superior margarita making skills. Her brother-in-law (my god bro, btw) has not showed up yet. We’re thinking about holding it against him.

I feel that all is equalized with tequila. Am I wrong?

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