It’s dirty little secret time!

It’s been far too long since I’ve admitted a dirty little secret. Here is a list of past secrets:

Yes, these are all my dirty little confessions. And now I have another one.

I am so relieved that Ron Weasley Rupert Grint is 20 years old, because now my crush on him doesn’t seem quite so forbidden.

It’s the red hair. And the smile.

And the accent.

Mostly it’s the hair.

Maybe my dirty little secret isn’t my mad crush on a 20 year old, it’s the fact that I dig gingers.

Case in point:

Eric Stoltz. He has always been Some Kind of Wonderful to me. Sigh.

David Caruso. Maybe not so much now, but when I first saw him on NYPD Blue, I lost a little piece of my heart to him.

Damian Lewis. If you don’t watch Life, you’re missing out. Either way, he’s my latest ginger crush.

Maybe if Matt Damon was a red head, we’d still be together. Who knows?

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