If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I tend to have strong reactions to commercials. Especially bad ones.

I am commercially sensitive. I don’t like the Big Headed King, Levi’s Mannequin, or promiscuous chocolate.

I love the Mac vs. PC commercials, became obsessed with this commercial cuz it choked me up every time it came on. Every single time. I just rewatched it and it choked me up again. I even tracked down the artist and bought the album. (Fantastic album, btw) And then there was Tim Gunn’s “I Love Hats!” commercial. Precious.

Since I tivo a lot now, I miss the commercials. Which is a good thing, except that I’m finding I really MISS the commercials. Some of them, anyway.

I’ve been watching ‘real-time’ tv this week, and have been disappointed in the commercials. Only 1 has treally struck me and that’s this one with Charlize Theron. She’s gorgeous and this commercial is very sexy. But it doesn’t rank anywhere close to the diamond necklace one from last year. Still my fave.

Any good commercials that I’ve missed? I’ve seen the JCP Doghouse commercial online, it was very funny, but it doesn’t count. What else is out there?

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