your marketing team should be fired.

It’s that time again. It’s time for me to talk about commercials that bug me.

Drive Sober is currently running an ad that states THEY’LL SEE YOU BEFORE YOU SEE THEM.

You know what I hate about this? The cop in the invisibility cloak allowed the couple to get into the car. WTF? Isn’t it his job to protect and serve? How is he doing either when he watches a drunk couple get behind the wheel and lets them drive away? How did he know that they wouldn’t run into a nun pushing a baby carriage on the way to the road block? This ad stinks. It’s creepy and it’s irresponsible. This dude should be preventing them from getting into the car, not calling ahead to get them arrested. What a load of crap.

KFC asks: What part of chicken is the nugget?

I’d like to know, WHAT PART OF CHICKEN IS POPCORN? hate. hate. hate. These are the days that I miss having TIVO when I could just FFWD my way through the commercials…

I will admit that neither of these are as bad as GETTING YOUR JUNK CHECKED MAKES A GREAT VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT, but still, no me gusta.

everyone loves a clown…not

My total dislike of clowns (with the exceptions of Bozo and Ronald McDonald) is deep-seeded/deep-seated RUNS DEEP. I’m not exactly when it started, but me reading Stephen King’s IT and then watching the movie certainly didn’t help. It’s not really a phobia, exactly. I just don’t like them or want to be near them.

Apparently I’m not the only one. The USPS gets it. That’s why I love this commercial so much…

singing in the rain

It’s still raining here. It has pretty much rained everyday for two weeks. Happiness this does not make.

But I’m still singing. Because that’s what I do.

I love to sing. I suck at it, but I love to do it. I can’t help myself. I think it drives the family nuts, but whatever, they’ll eventually get over it or get used to it. Right?

I’m not the only ‘singer’ in my family though. Rader is constantly singing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial, or a TV theme song, or a real song. He pretty much only has to hear it once and then he’s singing it. Word for word.

His favorites are the FREE CREDIT REPORT commercials. All of them. And for the record, I sing along with commercials, too.

It makes me smile every time he sings because deep down inside I know he inherited it from me. LOL


If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I tend to have strong reactions to commercials. Especially bad ones.

I am commercially sensitive. I don’t like the Big Headed King, Levi’s Mannequin, or promiscuous chocolate.

I love the Mac vs. PC commercials, became obsessed with this commercial cuz it choked me up every time it came on. Every single time. I just rewatched it and it choked me up again. I even tracked down the artist and bought the album. (Fantastic album, btw) And then there was Tim Gunn’s “I Love Hats!” commercial. Precious.

Since I tivo a lot now, I miss the commercials. Which is a good thing, except that I’m finding I really MISS the commercials. Some of them, anyway.

I’ve been watching ‘real-time’ tv this week, and have been disappointed in the commercials. Only 1 has treally struck me and that’s this one with Charlize Theron. She’s gorgeous and this commercial is very sexy. But it doesn’t rank anywhere close to the diamond necklace one from last year. Still my fave.

Any good commercials that I’ve missed? I’ve seen the JCP Doghouse commercial online, it was very funny, but it doesn’t count. What else is out there?