in which Mel plays Bunco (or Bunko) or however you spell it

Bunc(k)o is a dice game. (Some people spell it with a ‘k’ and some with a ‘c.’ I’m a ‘c’ girl, so from now on, it’s Bunco because honestly, the ‘k’ bugs me.) I have been asked to play Bunco in the past, but have always declined. It just didn’t sound like something I would enjoy. Or maybe the two groups that asked me weren’t my kinda people. Either way, I had never been properly introduced to Bunco.

Much to the horror of Maria Geraci, soon-to-be bestselling author of BUNCO BABES TELL ALL and BUNCO BABES GONE WILD . The thought that her BFF was a Bunco virgin? Unacceptable.

So last night, my Bunco cherry was popped.

I had the best time. This group of women was hot like me. And loud. And obnoxious. And I fit right in. Who knew that was possible?

Now I’ll admit to some confusion when the rolling began. “Roll for sixes and if you get doubles roll again.”

Huh? That’s it?


There are other rules, but the big one is, if you (or somebody) rolls 3 sixes (which is a Bunco) then you have to grab all the dice. If you are the roller and don’t grab the dice you get to keep rolling but whoever got the dice gets the points. (at least that’s how this group plays. I understand different groups have different rules. I’m sure the Maria Geraci the Bunco Queen will be able to tell us for sure.)

Grabbing for the dice is where things get a little dicey dangerous. If you’re not careful, you can draw back a nub. But I held my own and even rolled 1 Bunco myself. Plus I grabbed them so I got all the points. And then I grabbed two other Buncos (1 partial which still counts). So I got the hang of the game.

There was a lot of laughing and gabbing. And dice grabbing. And some screaming. When we started talking about porn, it was like snapping the last piece of the puzzle into place. These were women after my own heart.

Maybe there will be more Bunco in my future after all.

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