Summer is hands down my favorite season. People tend to complain about the heat and humidity, and yes, sometimes even I get a little too hot (heh, as if being too hot is a real problem) but the fact is, I love summer.

As a little girl, my daddy would take me camping for 2 weeks at a time. I remember pitching the tent, building fires, losing my fishing poles in the lake. (was devastated the year I lost my Snoopy rod. I mean, it was MY SNOOPY ROD AND REEL FOR CRISPIES’ SAKE!)

I still love to camp, but I prefer to do it in the fall months. Even if the heat and humidity doesn’t melt me, the inside of a tent tends to bake me somewhat. I’m too old for that now.

My parents have a place on Lake Ouachita and we go quite often. We’re all about drifting on the pontoon boat, partaking in a few beverages, soaking up the vitamin d and just enjoying the day. The video below is exactly what I love about summer. This is what we do…minus the girls on the stripper pole. Not that I’m opposed to girls on stripper poles…it’s just not something my 15 year old son is quite ready for!

What is your fave season? And what is the one thing you love most about summer?

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