football, friends, fun and NATURE!

Despite the fact that the Razorbacks lost, it was a good weekend.

First of all, the Hogs have a passing game. This is welcome news to all of Arkansas, as we haven’t seen our little piggies throw and catch the ball in years. Actually probably a decade. We could’ve won the game (we should’ve won the game) but we had a player get ejected and the coach got an additional penalty and then the team kinda fell apart after that.

Plus, even though we have an offense; the defense (for either team) was pretty much non-existent. Maybe they should work on that some this week. Just a suggestion.

I saw my friend Debra Parmley who did a book signing at Words Worth books not far from my house. Debra lives a couple of hours away from me, so it was nice to be able to pop over for a quick visit:And then I had Robyn’s bday party to go to. There was dancing, and dancing, and dancing! OH MY! Sunday I walked with @jennchristman and it turned into a nature hike. We saw several deer, a couple of heron, a turtle convention (seriously, I’ve never seen that many turtles on one log before in my life), an alien egg (wish I had gotten a pic of it. When the pod people take over, don’t say I didn’t warn ya) and a tee-tiny little green snake. It was a naturiffic!

Did you have a good weekend? Do anything fun?

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