a Mel-O-Jumble

Bootcamp was great last night. My legs are definitely getting stronger as is my core. Our trainer, Marietta, is offering a 5:00 a.m. yoga class starting next week that I’d really like to do, but I’m afraid I can’t get my butt up and get there that early.

However, I think I’m gonna give it a go. It’s once a week for 4 weeks. I’m a big girl. I can do it. I’ll just put my grown up pants on and get out of bed. (What that really means is, I’ll just sleep in my yoga clothes, roll out of bed and head to the gym half awake.)

Arkansas plays Ole Miss this weekend here in Little Rock. If any of y’all are headed here from Oxford, give me a shout. Jefe and I are probably gonna hit the tailgating early. I have to have Rader at the stadium by 6:30 a.m. to assist the parking. It’s an early game, so I’m thinking there will be a lot of solo cups full of bloody maries and mimosas!

Halloween is next week! I keep getting costume emails. Why do these costume stores think ALL women want to go as “SWAT Hottie” or Sexy WHATEVER. Ugh. My new favorite? Sexy Bat.

Someone in my family used to say “People who dress as the slutty witch for Halloween, are just slutty and the holiday just gives them an excuse to flaunt it.”

Thankfully I’m okay with being sexy year around. This year, I just want to wear a fun wig and makeup. My sexiness is natural, enhancing it with such a costume might cause a rift between universes. I can’t be responsible for that.

Though I will admit that it might be a lot of fun to be a slutty big bird….Feathers and fishnets OH MY!

Whatever you decide to be for Halloween, wear it well. And if you decide to be a slutty bat this year, please stop by the PartyHood so I can see it! Warning, I will judge you based on the advertisement. You better have the rack to fill that top! I wanna see your tits plunging forward and giving people black eyes!

Happy Rack Day!

The Governor declared today to be Happy Rack Day. Okay fine, it’s really called Go Pink Friday, but I think I like Happy Rack Day better. Anyway, save the ta tas, wear pink. So I am.

I’m also supporting my little piggies because my pink shirt is also a razorback shirt. And let’s face it, they can use all the support they can get right now…

Also, I’m sporting my new hair cut. Thank you, Katie for bringing back my bangs. I have missed them so! And I do love my Go Go Red!!

It’s gonna get cold and rainy this weekend. No me gusta. Yes, I love fall, but not cold, rainy fall!

Anyway, hope you guys have a great weekend. Don’t forget to check for lumps…and remember, it’s okay to ask for help. 🙂

weekend roundup

Friday was a laid back evening. Rader P and I watched The 5-Year Engagement which was quite funny. El Jefe read his book because “it is a movie with a wedding in it, therefore it is a chick flick.” I think there is a flaw in his thought process…last time I checked, The Hangover was a movie with a wedding in it and I don’t really think it qualifies as a chick flick. Oh well. Rader and I enjoyed it.

Saturday was very busy. I made Cheeseburger soup, salad, and garlic bread for my friends who’s little girl is going through her 6th(?) round of chemo. Maybe 7th. Either way, too much chemo for one sweet little body to go through. There is a Facebook page dedicated to her progress and they post tons of pics and updates if you’re interested in checking out the prettiest little princess on earth.

I also made some yummy crockpot chicken.

I got my new kicks in and planned to go walking DOWN BY THE RIVER, but the rain stopped me, so I had wine with Robyn instead.

Oh and my sweet little piggies were devastated, humiliated, and shat upon this weekend by Alabama. Dammit Bobby! Why’d you have to hire your little bimbo?!?!?! That’s okay, my spirit is broken, but not gone.

Sunday was a day of shopping for great deals at JcPenney. Ian and I rocked out some bargains and had a good time, to boot. Then I forced myself to go to the gym because it was raining again. And I have bootcamp tonight so I needed to make sure I got in a little exercise this weekend.

Boardwalk Empire is back! So crack tv night is almost restored.

Happy Monday, y’all.

lipstick on a razorback

Kiss me! I’m a hog fan and I’m wearing my red lips to prove it!

I’m also wearing my razorback charm on my charm necklace:

My razorback shirt and as always my razorback red hair:

Woo Pig! Let’s rock Jerry’s House tonight! I can’t wait to hang out at Cheers with some of my favorite people and cheer my little piggies to victory! And to all my friends who are heading to the game in high cotton, drive carefully!

Oxford Recovery

If you haven’t seen my FB pics of the trip, click here.

 The weekend was AMAZING. I don’t think anything could have made it better. Well, maybe winning the lottery, but even that would have just been extra whipped cream.

Jefe and I have great friends.

The first half of the game was slightly painful. I was sitting with the enemy–my people were just a section away, so it could have been worse. And my enemies were quite nice to me over all. Even when we were down 17-0.

The person who picked on me the most was my own sweet boyfriend. I believe the text message BOOM! Headshot! just as the announcer said OLE MISS 17; ARKANSAS: NOTHING.

But his tune changed by the time we made it back to the grove. Yes, I was all smiles.

It was a perfect weekend for football and friends.

ION, Rader P F will be shadowing my bestie Jenn Christman on Thursday. He’ll be on B98.5 from 7-8 a.m. then heading over to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette to do some Newsie work. I think they’ll be doing a food review that day too, so he’s all smiles about that. If you’re around, listen for my boy on the radio that morning!

insert witty title

who needs a title anyway?

This was a great, laid-back weekend. I did laundry, hung out with friends, the Razorbacks won, my son played a helluva soccer game and the coffee fairy showed up every morning!

Let me tell ya, everyone should get a coffee fairy. That guy rocks.

I didn’t take many pics this weekend (must have been off my game) but I did manage to capture quite a phenomenon in pixels.

All animals love clean clothes.

The moment I folded this pair of shorts, Bobcat Greyskull decided to take a break from wreaking havoc and being generally evil…to sleep on the clean clothing.

Notice where Trinity starts out…on a pillow away from the clothing. Then I fold some shirts and place them away from her and turn my back to find…

She has moved to the clean clothes side. So I scoot them out of the way…

and it appears she’s decided to “show me.” Ruby also enjoyed a pile of clean towels. I love having help with the laundry, don’t you?

the week! it went by so fast.

It’s been a very busy week. I had things and stuffs to take care of. So I did.

and now it’s the weekend, and I am happy about it.

Here’s a picture of a Cat in a Box. (well, a drawer actually) Clementine almost didn’t fit…

and here’s a pic of the dogs. Trinity likes to pretend she doesn’t need anyone or anything, but notice she’s touching Ruby. Because she loves her. Together 4ever.

Please ignore the 2 baskets of unfolded laundry. Thanks.

We have plans to hang with friends at Gusano’s for the Arkansas vs. Auburn game. Should be a good game. Will definitely be a good time either way.

Woo Pig Sooie!

I am very excited about an upcoming November event that miraculously managed to get put together! We have friends from 3 different states coming in for a weekend of frivolity and celebration! And probably Shenanigans. Lots and lots of shenanigans.

We may even party like it’s 1999…

in a nutshell

Frederick, MD is a pretty awesome place. And a big shout out to Caroline for putting us up.

I met some fantastic people:

Counted down the New Year:

And got my first (and hopefully not last!) kiss of 2011:

Day 1 of 2011 was spent in the haze of a slight coma. Then day 2, El Jefe and I hit DC for some sightseeing and some good eatin’. I have pics but don’t have time to mess with them today. Stay tuned…

In Razorback news: Well, what can we say. They could have won…they had ample opportunity to win, but they made some bad mistakes and it cost them. I’m not hatin’ on my hogs though. This was their first BCS bowl and they played with heart.

Happy New Year! I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

I haz a new hat! (& also a new snuggie…)

Look what was waiting for me when I arrived at El Jefe’s Friday night:awwwww. Somebody likes me!

This was an incredibly sweet gift considering the Razorbacks were actually playing Ole Miss on Saturday…

Oh yes, I thought it was very sweet…until I opened the wrapped present and discovered my brand new Ole Miss Snuggie. Bwahahahahahahahhahahahaha
Now, to be fair, I had this coming. I sorta kinda have been leaving little Razorback trinkets all over his house every time I visit and then I just wait until he finds them. Like when I got the text “I’m drinking my coffee out of my new Razorback mug.” a couple of weeks ago, which I had left in his dishwasher. It’s a game that makes me laugh…until I get something in return, such as an Ole Miss Snuggie.

I suppose it’s okay though…as long as there is never any photographic evidence of me snuggled up in the snuggie…unlike there is of El Jefe, wearing my Razorback hat…