Booklist review for BITE ME!

First Publisher’s Weekly gave BITE ME! an outstanding review.

And now Booklist joins the ranks of great taste in reading with their fabulous review! (you can sign up for a free trial subscription to read the review on their site or you can just read it below…)

For AJ Ashe, fitting in means keeping her fangs hidden. She has always considered herself “way more human than vampire,” but since starting senior year, things have become more complicated. Her mom has just remarried, and now AJ’s hot boyfriend is her new stepbrother (not hot); her English teacher claims that she cheats (not true); and she might have turned a too-grabby classmate into a vengeful vampire (not good). AJ has an increasingly tough time keeping her vampire identity a secret as she faces unexpected dangers, as well as discoveries about her past, new family, and, ultimately, her own future. AJ is an appealing, thoroughly modern teen vampire whose engaging, funny, matter-of-fact narrative is packed with pop culture, from brand names to Buffy. Intricate vampire lore and diverse characters, including classmates and a history teacher with secrets of his own, add depth and drama to AJ’s struggle to navigate—and survive—ordinary teen and vampire life. Though some readers may guess key plot developments, they will nonetheless enjoy this fun, fang-filled debut and anticipate its sequel.
Shelle Rosenfeld

I am stoked! Two big names in the industry have had very positive things to say about my little book. Color me pink with happiness.

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