So, I’ve been on an eternal quest for a healthier lifestyle…for oh, let’s say, eternity.

In March, I added a new skin care regime, because as I lose weight, it is highly possibly that I’ll get wrinkles. And as a woman of 44 years, who still gets carded on a regular basis, the last thing I need or want is to get wrinkles. At least, not yet.

I’ve been using Meaningful Beauty for 3 full months now, and this is me today, without any makeup on and no filters.

Today: No makeup. Fewer laugh lines and crows feet

Today: No makeup. Fewer laugh lines and crows feet

Not too bad for a 44 year old broad, huh? I was trying to find a good comparison picture. I found 1 that would work, but I have full makeup and glasses on so it was difficult to see the difference around the eyes. However the difference around the mouth is pretty significant.

Now, I purchased this product, so MB isn’t paying me anything to review it. Here’s what I have to say.

Yes, my skin looks fantastic and feels SMOOOOOOVE like a baby’s bottom. I’ve noticed a definite fading of crow’s feet and my laugh lines (which I actually love) are noticeably less prominent. I have no issues going without makeup (even though I need new lashes ASAP. Has anyone seen my eyes? Yeah, me either.)

I’m not a huge fan of the cleansing lotion. It doesn’t foam or bubble up, and I feel like I’m having to use more of it than I should. The kit doesn’t come with a night cream, so I use the day cream at night. That’s a huge disappointment. You have the option to ‘customize’ your kit and can add the night cream that way.

I also do not like the “club” set up, however, I have my automatic delivery for 20 weeks, which I can change at any time if I run low. That’s a nice option. Most “clubs” force your into a 90 Day /12 week automatic delivery.

The price point isn’t bad, especially if you set up your delivery for 4 months or more. I don’t need to use a lot of product, one little dab will do ya… or at least it does me. I’ve decided to keep using the product for at least one more round.

In Eating Cleaner news:

I fired up the grill and loaded it with some awesome locally grown veggies this weekend. Sweet potatoes, asparagus, okra, squash, green beans, tomatoes. I also grilled some pineapple, which was oh so yummy. We ate very well this weekend, let me tell ya.

I walked every day for an hour. Monday was hard because Sunday I had some girlfriends over and we enjoyed muy wine. I’ll have you know, I still did not go over my calories for the day, thankyouverymuch.

In OMG how awesome news, I met Ian’s friend-girl this week. (OMG, she’s adorbs). I’m not sure if they’re going to officially ‘date’ or not, it’s really not my business yet (it won’t be until it’s her birthday or Christmas, and then I’ll need to know if I need to buy her a present or not. Haha) But anyway, we were all hanging out on Wednesday and we were talking about parents and parenting styles etc., and I made a comment that sometimes parents have really high expectations of their kids and no matter what they accomplish, it won’t be enough because they expect more. (this is a concept I don’t understand as a parent, but I understand as a kid of those parents.) I said, “for example, I’ve published two young adult novels with a very prestigious publisher, and sometimes I think my mom still thinks I could do better.” She stopped and looked at me and said, “Wait. You’re Melissa Francis? As in BITE ME AND LOVE SUCKS Melissa Francis?”

Me: Yep.


Me: Happy happy joy joy can’t stop smiling.

And in other O517I1Qi7nnL._SY300_MG Awesome News…I got to see my Stacey Jay this weekend! Have you pre-ordered her latest book yet? WHY NOT?


order it. devour it. review it. and email Stacey and tell her she is made of awesome. (because she totes is).

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Stacey on Twitter: @stacey_jay

Okay, there’s my weekend recap. It was a great weekend. The boys enjoyed Riverfest. Jefe and I enjoyed each other and the beautiful weather, and I also enjoyed my girl time with some of my besties. Life doesn’t suck.

paperclips and grilled cheese

Why do you think my titles should have anything to do with my actual blog post?

There was a new review of BITE ME! posted last week that made me smile. I love it when someone picks up my book reluctantly and then ends up thinking it kicks Twilight in the ass pleasantly surprised. Makes my day.

I painted some metal outdoor furniture this weekend. My hands are all cramped up now, but it makes it easier to hold a soda can. No effort at all now. So if holding a soda can (or beer bottle) has been a problem for you in the past, just spray paint furniture for several hours at a time and that problem will fix itself!

I was going for beachy colors, but wound up with Easter Egg colors instead. But it’s an easy fix. Gonna repaint the blue table — Orange(originally I had wanted to be more of an aquamarine than pastel.)

El Jefe and I also split time on the John Deere. Lots of mowing occurred on Saturday, thanks to the massive amounts of rain we’ve had (finally) over the past 2 weeks.

Sunday, we made our way to Birdrunner’s new place where El Jefe worked on electronic stuff while we talked about putting boxed stuff in the attic. It was a planning session, you see. No actual boxes were put in the corner, because nobody puts boxes in a corner! (or an attic) I also enjoyed her new deck and water feature. As well as the Bud Light Lime.

I also ate nachos.


I’m so witty.

Sometimes blog titles are hard especially when you have a lot of nothing to talk about.

  • My recap of Bachelorette: Men Wear Panties Tell All is up at Hey Don’t Judge Me!
  • I’m working on last night’s Bachelorette Finale and After the Rose recap. Planning to post sometime today.
  • You know you’re the mother of boys when your early morning discussions over coffee are all about farts. It was an in depth discussion covering all aspects of farting from aroma to consistency. I am mother of the year.
  • BITE ME! got a 5 Star review yesterday and it popped up on my news feed and I am excited (because this book is 2 years old and new reviews are few and far between!) I commented and then I had to save her comment back because she didn’t wanna like the book because it’s a vampire book but she ended up loving it! Here’s the brief review. A detailed review will be on her blog 8/19 and of course, I’ll be bragging posting.
  • Here’s proof she didn’t wanna like it but did anyway:

  • I realize posting the picture of our conversation makes me a dork, but I’m good with that.
  • Hammocks really might be the key to happiness. I am doing extensive research on the subject.
  • During last night’s research, I had to test El Jefe’s hammock. It’s very important to collect as much data as possible, otherwise I’d just be wasting my time. I highly recommend testing hammocks in your PJs

  • The heat index this week is going to be consistently in the 115 degree range. I like the sun, I have never had any intention of living on it.
  • I had to call AT&T last night and by the time I finally got to the correct automated menu I was about to have a stroke. Hammock therapy helped me through. As did a glass or two of Kim Cattrall Crawford.

2011: Month of Mel Day 21: FRESH PICK!

March 21, 2011

LOVE SUCKS! Was chosen by Fresh Fiction as today’s Fresh Pick!

The Fresh Pick is chosen by a group of readers and is never a
purchased advertisement or promotion. We’ve chosen your book
because it appeals to us and we like to share our diverse tastes
in reading and hope other readers will give it a try.

Here’s a link to their orignial review if you haven’t seen it yet.

Thank you Fresh Fiction! This made my day!

In other news, my hardcore cat, Clementine, gifted me with a dead bird this morning. Oh boy, that sure was fun to clean up. She was so proud. I was soooo, grossed out.

send in the clowns and watch Melf panic

Before I get to my panic attack, let me show you some fantastic reviews I’ve recently received!

BITE ME! from Leslee at Night Owl Teen Reviews
BITE ME! & LOVE SUCKS! from Sharon’s Garden of Books
LOVE SUCKS! from Zoe’s Book Reviews

go forth and enjoy the awesome…

Okay, I know, you don’t really care about my fabulous reviews. All you care about is my pain…So here, let me share it with you.

Y’all all know I came to work dressed as Mrs. Roper on Friday for costume day. We had a good crowd of costumes…and one of them included a soul-sucking rabid clown from Hell.

Now, I’ve joked in the past about how much I hate clowns, but usually I can handle them. Only Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT has really ever made me wish for instant death. The others I’ve usually managed to just shudder, wrinkle my nose in disgust and move on.

That all changed on Friday.
My co-worker Dan decided to torture me and sadly, there is photographic evidence to prove it.

I’ve never had anything remotely resembling a panic attack until this moment. My heart was racing, I was hyperventilating, laughing nervously until I started crying, and shaking like a polaroid picture. Yeah, I knew it was Dan. Yeah, I knew this was a costume. Yeah, I knew I was safe…but I couldn’t stop my body from taking over and freaking out.

Of course, it didn’t help that Dan was standing behind me saying things like “I live under your bed.” and “I’m very fast. You can run, but I’ll catch you.”

Now you know my Achilles’ Heel, Internetz. With great knowledge comes great responsibility. So don’t clown me unless you wanna die, because I am now carrying a taser in my purse just in case…

I like very much this books BITE ME and LOVE SUCKS

No, Borat didn’t review BITE ME! but I like to imagine that he read it and loved it. Along with Chuck Norris. And Mr. T. And MacGyver. And Han Solo.

Anyway, Lauren over at Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf DID read BITE ME! and she loved it. You should check it out.

Here’s some tidbits:

Just when I thought vampires were officially over, Bite Me! ended up in my hands, and boy, was it fantastic (or fangtastic. Get it? Yes, I know my jokes are lame)! It definitely is one of my favorite paranormal romances of the year!

[more awesome stuff in between]

In all, Bite Me! is a romantic, funny, and unique debut book that I can’t suggest highly enough to all you paranormal lovers out there! I’m definitely looking forward to reading more by Ms. Francis.

Is very nice. (and heeheehee she called me Ms. Francis. *snort*)

She also reviewed LOVE SUCKS! but it’s only posted on Amazon right now. Hopefully it will be live on her site soon, but here is a little tidbit from that review:

Just when I thought Melissa Francis’ books couldn’t get any better, her sophomore novel came out and it was nothing short of amazing, good-old fun, making the Bite Me series one of my current faves!

[lots more awesome stuff]

Lastly, Melissa’s writing is even better in this one, because it brought not only the plot to life but the characters as well.

In all, Love Sucks!, as well as its predecessor Bite Me!, are pure fun vampire fluff! I’m truly hoping there will be a third one, though I’m sure that whatever Ms. Francis comes up with next will be just as great, if not more amazing!

Aw yeah. I love me some awesome reviews. Thanks, Lauren! I’m so glad you enjoyed the books!!

Please don’t forget the Give a Little, Get a Little contest I’m running.

stuff and such and a giveaway!

More great reviews for LOVE SUCKS! and also a give away…

Book Chic

Book Scout <=== pop over and comment on the review and you'll be entered in the drawing to win a signed copy of LOVE SUCKS!

So, onto the “stuff and such” portion of today’s blog.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just wanted a do over? Yesterday started out fine. I was in a great mood. Had a great Sunday night. Other than being a little sleepy, I almost actually looking forward to the day ahead.

And then *it* happened.

I’m not exactly sure what *it* is, but I know that suddenly, the day just seemed to take a big ol’ dump on me. Somehow, someway, for some reason my good day turned to poo so by the time the boys and I got home, I was Mrs. Crankypants.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when Mrs. Crankypants takes over, things don’t ever seem to improve. I try to make Mrs. Cp go away, but she doesn’t. And then the boys start bickering and smart off to me, and then Ruby the Pug and Clementine the Tart get into it like cartoon cats and dogs, and then my full glass of wine (KIM CATTRAL CRAWFORD wine at that!) got knocked to floor…and shattered. And I still had to do dishes and get laundry going.

Thankfully, I had an unopened bottle of wine. I did my chores, poured me a lovely glass, and sat down to chill. Then I kicked Rader’s tail at some Uno while we watched LIE TO ME. (then he kicked mine, then I kicked his, then he kicked mine. We quit while we were Even)

I went to bed and slept like the dead. And this morning, I saw a beautiful sunrise while driving Rader to football practice. Today is gonna be a good day. I think I’ll have an Atomic Fireball to celebrate…

a sunday post!

I know, a Sunday post is a rarity…but I just have to share.

Mamafox over at Page Turner Reviews just posted a wonderful review of LOVE SUCKS!

Here’s my favorite part:

Enter Lex, a smart, sexy “trainer” her aunt brings in to teach her to block her thoughts and fight the evil around them. Lex is quick witted and smooth. His character was an infusion of fun for the story. He is fun and exciting, which is exactly what AJ needs to get over Ryan. Lex can read thoughts, so he knows how AJ feels about Ryan, but he also knows that Ryan still loves her too. Lex exploits this and provides some great comedy and romance to the story line. He is my favorite character and I admit to a fangirl crush on him!

I’m so stoked that people are loving Lex the way I love him!!!! He’s sex-on-a-stake if you ask me.

BTW, Chuck Norris gives LOVE SUCKS! a big thumbs up…so I’m thinking you have no choice but to buy the book. Otherwise, Chuck might be forced to give you a roundhouse kick to the face and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

reviews! fabulous reviews!

Check this out! It makes me so happy to know that people who haven’t read BITE ME! (um, why not?) are able to pick up LOVE SUCKS! and enjoy it.

I love this review. Thank you so much!!! Especially this part:

When my power was out for 8 hours I sat in the car with a book light glued to my paperback copy, laughing my butt off and cheering for new favorite characters. I may not have read the first book, Bite Me!, but I can tell that Melissa Francis has been able to bring something new to the vampire world, which many of you know is a rare thing today.

Something else this author seems to have a talent for is balancing out characters. I can’t tell you how tired I get of seeing people try to write from a first person point of view with an attitude and not be able to hold together a real emotional connection with the story. But Melissa Francis did
what they couldn’t, and I commend her for it.

YAY! I love to be commended! (oops. Did I type that out loud?) When I read, I love to lose myself in the story…and when I write, all I ever want is to affect someone the same way. Thanks for a great review, Arya!

Here’s another review from someone who hasn’t read BITE ME! that made me smile. (dudes, y’all need to get a copy of BITE ME! quick, fast, and in a hurry…) I especially loved the last 2 paragraphs:

AJ Ashe is left preparing for a new arrival to her paranormal Brady Bunch Family but she also has to contend with an unfortunately sexy professional vampire trainer. All the while being chased around by creepy nasty things that don’t exactly want to be friends with her. It’s not very often that I enjoy the entire family in a book. Usually there is that one person who just ticks me off. However, I didn’t find that with Francis’ book. I really enjoyed all characters marked as ‘good’.

I have to admit it, for the past week I’ve been in a reading slump. No interest to read a book what so ever. But to my surprise, Love Sucks! brought me out of that slump and back to my more constant reading level. While this book might not be of my top interests (I am tired of vampire romances) if it was capable of stirring my imagination and bringing me back into the reading world then I applaud it.

Thank you very much, Erica. I’m so glad I could help you get out of your reading slump!
Also, I’ve gotten lots of inquiries about a 3rd book. I do have an idea, but I can’t promise it’s gonna happen…I’m certainly gonna try though! (BTW, THE MORE COPIES OF BITE ME AND LOVE SUCKS THAT SELL, THE BETTER THE CHANCES ARE FOR A THIRD STORYjust sayin’…) In the meantime, I’m working on a new series proposal that may not be filled with fangs, but it’s certainly sprinkled with sparkle…

Sparkle on, Wayne.

Sparkle on, Garth.

Booklist review for BITE ME!

First Publisher’s Weekly gave BITE ME! an outstanding review.

And now Booklist joins the ranks of great taste in reading with their fabulous review! (you can sign up for a free trial subscription to read the review on their site or you can just read it below…)

For AJ Ashe, fitting in means keeping her fangs hidden. She has always considered herself “way more human than vampire,” but since starting senior year, things have become more complicated. Her mom has just remarried, and now AJ’s hot boyfriend is her new stepbrother (not hot); her English teacher claims that she cheats (not true); and she might have turned a too-grabby classmate into a vengeful vampire (not good). AJ has an increasingly tough time keeping her vampire identity a secret as she faces unexpected dangers, as well as discoveries about her past, new family, and, ultimately, her own future. AJ is an appealing, thoroughly modern teen vampire whose engaging, funny, matter-of-fact narrative is packed with pop culture, from brand names to Buffy. Intricate vampire lore and diverse characters, including classmates and a history teacher with secrets of his own, add depth and drama to AJ’s struggle to navigate—and survive—ordinary teen and vampire life. Though some readers may guess key plot developments, they will nonetheless enjoy this fun, fang-filled debut and anticipate its sequel.
Shelle Rosenfeld

I am stoked! Two big names in the industry have had very positive things to say about my little book. Color me pink with happiness.