Queen Bee or Bee Girl?

Some days, you know you’re the Queen Bee (or Slutty Queen Bee as pictured to the left). Okay,who am I trying to kid? For me, most days I know I ‘m the slutty Queen Bee. I just wake up and feel great. And then I’ll have a great hair day. And I’ll look good in my underwear. My stomach will seem flatter. My boobs will seem perkier. My smile will be brighter. My make up will look great. My tattoo will sparkle and I’ll walk with a pep in my step.

And on those days I carry that awesome with me wherever I go. And the people approve.

But lately, with the dreary weather and my lack of exercise, I’m starting to feel more like the Bee Girl…my hair is pulled back, my belly is pooching and my underwear is starting to fit wrong. My boobs…well, we won’t even talk about them. My smile is hidden and my sparkle has dimmed. The only pep in my step happens when I trip over nothing.

I’ve fallen victim to BGS: Bee Girl Syndrome

BGS is not an easy thing to overcome. Do you know how hard it is to walk with your shoulders back and your stomach sucked in once you get used to slouching. (and breathing…b/c let’s be honest, when we’re sucking in our stomach, we’re not really breathing) And I can’t even talkabout the difficulty of putting back on the awesome cleavage bra once you get used to the cotton sports bra that feels great but gives you uni-boob…

So what do I do? I came out of it briefly Saturday night. I looked pretty damn good. Felt pretty damn good. Then woke up Sunday to more of this God-forsaken rain and I haven’t wanted to take off my pj pants since. (for the record, I HAVE taken off my PJs to go to work. I promise)

Tell me interwebs…how do you overcome BGS? Everyone feels better as the Queen Bee. Help me get back there!

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