we did it all for the boobies

The Meander Race for the Cure was a big success this weekend. Pictures…I have them.

It’s Friday Night and Time for a Party Potty!

The Little Rock Bunko Babes sponsored a port-o-potty to honor Dauphne’s mom, who died earlier this year. She was a truck driver, so we decided our potty should be a big rig.

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl… Yes, we named her Lola. I mean, she wore stars in her hair and had feathers down to there…

The front of our big rig in progress.

The side. Notice the lovely details like the mirror (objects are closer than they appear) and the Bunko Babes Trucking logo.

No big rig is complete without a mudflap.

Here’s a close-up. Yes, it’s the worst kind of awesome. No, I will not admit that I drew it. Nor will I admit to laughing until I cried as I drew it. Mudflap–Simpson’s style. Or would it be more like Futurama?

After the Party at the Potty, we all went to Underground Pub for a night of fun and what ended up being a White People Can’t Dance competition. We ended an awesome day with an extra big scoop of more awesome.

Saturday was Meander Race day!

Here’s the thing about doing a 5K with 45,000 other people…it isn’t a race. Not even close. It’s amazing to see…all those people wearing pink trying to walk 3 miles…but it’s really a slow moving river of pink. Not a walk. and certainly not a real race. Except for the race winner who ran the circuit in 18 minutes. Um, I’m pretty sure she was finishing just as my group was finally reaching the starting line. It took us 1 hour and 26 minutes to complete the 5K. It drove me nuts. I can’t handle that slow…so Sunday I got up and walked 5 miles in an hour to make myself feel better.

Me and Jenn C. Even blurry we’re awful damn cute.

The group left to right: Linda C. Pam (in front), Carla, Liz, Dauphne, Jenn C. Not pictured: me, Cassandra, Kim, Rachel (I think I got everyone that was there…)

This year we had over 45,000 ‘racers’

It’s an awe-inspiring thing to experience that much estrogen & pink before 9 a.m. on a Saturday.

What’s hotter than a dude on a Harley? Lots of dudes on Harleys, revving their bikes and wearing pink. *swoon*

Overall, it was a great day and I can’t wait til next year. Thanks again to all who donated to the cause!

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