technical difficulties and other stuff

Yeah, we’re not really sure what’s up with the blog formatting. We added an Events tab and for whatever reason, my blog decided to go wonky. Hopefully we’ll get it fixed soon.

Meanwhile, I’m hanging out in my cube, staring out the window waiting on the sun that THEY PROMISED we’d see today. I don’t see nuttin’ but gray. How do you folks in the Northwest handle all this gloom? It’s seriously messing with my sparkle.

Tomorrow is the Race for the Cure. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all who donated! My goal was $150 and as of yesterday, I’ve raised $250! You guys are awesome! (It’s not too late to donate…just puttin’ it out there…) I’ll be decorating a porta-potty tonight (will be wearing rubber gloves) and then first thing in the morning, I’ll be joining 41,000 other participants in the race. Will take lots of pics.

Okay, since I need some sparkle, I’m posting a pic that makes me happy. You guys have a great weekend!

Ahhhhh. I can feel the heat of the missing sun on my legs RIGHT NOW.

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