Hi, I’m Cliché. It’s nice to meet you…

Costumes, yummy food, friends, football, and a book signing.

If you threw in a beach and maybe a game of darts, this would be the most perfect weekend ever.

Tonight I have a costume party to go to. I was originally gonna be She-Hulk, but plans have changed…Yes, we’re having a ‘super hero’ themed party…and yes, She-Hulk (or ‘Slutty She-Hulk’ as I was planning to be) would’ve been a lot of fun…but I may not want to have green hair all night. So I’ve revamped.

Now I’m going as Cliché, The Naughty School Girl. But wait! you say. I thought this was a super hero party? you say.

Ah yes. It is. I’m the super hero of fantasies. Heh. And since I seem to pull off the Naughty Librarian look on a dialy basis, I decided to mix it up a little.

Yes, I’ll probably post pictures.


I’m also making Artichoke-Me dip for my appetizer contribution. It’s a very simple and yummy recipe and I really can’t wait to pull it out of the oven so I can have a bite. (or 12)

Tomorrow is the Razorback game. They play Ole Miss (which is where our former coach defected to a couple of years ago. *boo hiss*) I feel certain we’re gonna tap the keg of whoop-ass on them. If we don’t, I’m also sure my Rebel pals will let me hear all about it. Wish I was going to be there…but…

I have a book signing tomorrow! Remember? There are 6 awesome authors gathering at the Books-a-million in NLR, AR from 5-8 pm Saturday night! You won’t wanna miss it…I’m thinking with that much talent all in one place, there might be a shift in the time-space continuum.

Y’all have a great weekend. I’ll see you Monday!

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