what makes a great weekend…

Me and the #1 child (in birth order not preference) hanging all weekend, watching movies, football, and then going to see a friend play an acoustic show at a local dive where we also ate the best burger known to man. It’s true. Best. Burger. Ever.

Movies we watched:
The Day the Earth Stood Still: I’m a Keanu fan but I didn’t really think I would like this movie. I was pleasantly surprised.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: It is so good to know that my 15 year old son truly appreciates the Griswalds as much as his momma does. We laughed so hard and spent the day quoting the movie.

Sixteen Candles: We love us some Farmer Ted. And Long Duck Dong. AUTOMOBIIIIIILE?

Obsessed: I love me some crazy bitches.

The Ugly Truth: There was a lot of funny to this movie and we laughed out loud quite often…BUT…can I just say the ending scene was the biggest, most ridiculous joke on the face of this earth? Seriously. Not even necessary. It irritated me so much that it almost ruined the rest of the movie for me. Good thing I have a very active imagination and had no problem rewriting the ending in my head…which was much more satisfying. And funny.

#1 child (in birth order not preference) and I also decorated. He put the tree together and helped me string lights outside. He also cleaned his bathroom for me like a good boy. And he did his homework. Maybe this week he can be my #1 child in preference, too.

I also baked some peppermint mocha brownies, hoping they would light up some holiday spirit in my cold, black heart. They were so tasty and smelled so good, I did feel a momentary flicker…

Oh, and the Florida Gators lost. Which means Karma has a sense of humor.

Did you have fun this weekend? Do tell…

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