let it no, let it no, let it no!

There’s no typo in that title. Nope. Not at all. After all the “snow” hype all week long; after braving the snowstorm crowd at Kroger last night (I needed beer. Can’t get ‘snowed’ in without beer) After getting my hopes up that maybe–JUST MAYBE–we’d actually see some of the white stuff…

I woke up to nothing.


Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Monday’s sad little snow was actually a blizzard compared to what we woke to today.

All we have is cold. Bitter, windy, subzero cold.

If it’s gonna be this cold, there should at least be some snow on the ground.

Oh wait! There is! about 30 minutes north of us they got snow. And to the east of us. But our little section of central Arkansas was robbed!

Even Oxford, MS got snow! We never got snow when I lived there.

So it must be me. The snow avoids me. Fine. Be that way. I’ll move somewhere tropical then.

I know some of y’all are snowed in and sick of the stuff. Hell, there’s one city in New York that has 55 inches of snow! (that’s a bit much for me.) But since we rarely ever see powder, we really want it when it’s predicted. That’s okay. We’ll get some eventually. After I move to the Keys I’m sure…

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