It’s a Cotton Pickin’ birthday!

Okay, Internet. Please say Happy Birthday to my daddy, Cotton. (you can also call him Slick Mac) and to my beautiful rock-awesome niece Taylor. Happy 15th!!

This weekend was a blur. I was a busy girl. Soccer Mom duties Saturday morning, seeing my bro-in-law!, lunch with my faves Saturday afternoon. A margarita before heading to the Electric Cowboy with my friend Jenn to see the finals of the Arkansas’ Funniest Person contest. (Congrats to Eric Counts! Job well done, sir!) Then afterward….cheese fries, beer, new friends, From Dusk til Dawn (which I had never seen before…which seemed to shock the folks because how can I write vampire books but not watch vampire movies?)

Yesterday I napped a wee bit, painted a wee bit, and watched stupid, freaking-farking Duke beat Baylor. I hate that Baylor choked. (I’m actually talking about why I hate Duke over at Fictionistas today. Check it out when you get a chance…)

How was your weekend, Internet? Were you productive or a slug? And is there anyone out there with a NCAA bracket that’s still alive?

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