bad blogger

Blogger was down yesterday and most of today so I didn’t get to blog. Bad Blogger. No soup for you!

Unfortunately, I don’t really have anything of value to say today other than The Fictionistas (the group blog that I’m a member of) has a new Facebook Page. Go like us.

Be good this weekend, or be good at it…

hello Monday!

A busy weekend was had by all!

Friday night: Dinner and movies with Rader and the pug. We watched the Russell Crow Robin Hood (yummy) and Cop Out (hysterical! also rated R for language, so you probably shouldn’t be the kinda mommy I am and let your 12 year old watch it. LOL) Ian spent the night with a friend so he had his own fun, sans family.

Saturday: endless yard work with both kids. My parents have 6 acres total and we spent 4.5 hours or so with the fall cleaning. Picking up limbs and sticks and blowing leaves and making the burn pile down by the pond GINORMOUS. There’s gonna be a burning soon. You know I love a good burnin!
Saturday night we went to Laura and Mac’s house and watched the Razorback game. Well, Rader watched with us as Ian sat downstairs on the computer telling everyone how “Bored” he was on Facebook or he sat in my car talking on the phone. I love 16 year olds. Don’t you?

Yesterday we shopped, had lunch and then Ian had his first driving lesson. He did really well, too! Hopefully we’ll get this thing down and he’ll be driving and licensed by his 17th birthday in March. I blogged a little about it over at Fictionistas today.

This is gonna be a good week. Tonight I’m attending a local book club who read my book last month. Friday afternoon, I’m headed to Augusta, AR to speak to a book club at the school. And then I’ll be spending a long weekend in Oxford.

Is it Friday yet? 🙂

the word on the street

Fan letters for LOVE SUCKS! are rolling in… (okay, I’ve received 2. But who’s counting, right?) So far, so good! Which makes this camper, a happy camper.

In other news, I found my camera cord, so there will be Big Butt, So What BABY GOT BACK pics soon… Maybe.

Supernatural Summer is featuring one of my photos in their caption contest. Pop over and play!

Last week, (a teen writing site sponsored by HarperCollins) featured my writing tips in their blog. Wanna get Melducated? Stop by!

I met fellow Fictionista Gwen Hayes in person this week. I have a big Heart On for her now…even bigger than before. She is what Awesome wishes it could be!

Last night I hung at the waterfall pool with my new friend Tyler. Tyler is almost 12 and a Scorpio, which means we’re perfect friends. I’d kinda like to hang at the waterfall pool today, but there are workshops to go to…maybe I can sneak away for a little while…

weekend wrap up with 50% more pictures!

First off: Happy VCR Day! Yes, I blogged about this fantastic holiday over at Fictionistas. Check-check-check-check it out!

Weekend Recap:

Friday evening and Saturday morning this was my view:

Yes that’s right. I had John Deere Dreams this weekend. See, my new casa is on an acre of land which is connected to my madre’s casa which is on 5 acres of land. So in lieu of rent, me and the boys do what we can to tend the land. Especially now that madre has had hand surgery.

Then Saturday night I went to Juanita’s to see my BFF Jenn Christman perform stand up for the 2nd time ever. She was a big hit! In the world of Bonuses, I got to see a former high school classmate of mine perform as well. Angry Patrick is indeed angry. But he is also funny.

Then Sunday, this was my view for a few hours:

And on Sunday night, the boys and I had dinner with friends and I met their niece who loved BITE ME! and was so excited to hear that Aunt Jena and Uncle Paul knew the author. Here I am with Emily (from Pontotoc, MS. Just a few miles down the road from Oxford, where I lived for 7 years!)

I wish I could say after such a busy weekend, that I’m well rested. But no. I didn’t sleep worth a crap last night thanks to a horrific nightmare. I don’t know about you, but dreaming of stabbing a stalker in the throat is just not my idea of fun.

Did y’all have a great weekend? Do anything special?

It’s a Cotton Pickin’ birthday!

Okay, Internet. Please say Happy Birthday to my daddy, Cotton. (you can also call him Slick Mac) and to my beautiful rock-awesome niece Taylor. Happy 15th!!

This weekend was a blur. I was a busy girl. Soccer Mom duties Saturday morning, seeing my bro-in-law!, lunch with my faves Saturday afternoon. A margarita before heading to the Electric Cowboy with my friend Jenn to see the finals of the Arkansas’ Funniest Person contest. (Congrats to Eric Counts! Job well done, sir!) Then afterward….cheese fries, beer, new friends, From Dusk til Dawn (which I had never seen before…which seemed to shock the folks because how can I write vampire books but not watch vampire movies?)

Yesterday I napped a wee bit, painted a wee bit, and watched stupid, freaking-farking Duke beat Baylor. I hate that Baylor choked. (I’m actually talking about why I hate Duke over at Fictionistas today. Check it out when you get a chance…)

How was your weekend, Internet? Were you productive or a slug? And is there anyone out there with a NCAA bracket that’s still alive?


It’s Monday. I’m tired. I spent the weekend deep cleaning and all I want to do now is curl up in a ball and sleep.

I blogged over at Fictionista’s today about McDonald’s being a bully. Check it out.

Saints beat Vikes last night. It was a helluva game.

Maybe I’ll have more to say tomorrow. Maybe not. Check back then to find out.

a good way to start the week

From the Universe:

Thanks, Melissa, for every single time you ever fell in love.

Whether or not it was obvious. Whether or not it lasted. And whether or
not you were loved back.

It changed everything.

You changer,
The Universe

This was the perfect note to start off this week. Dont ya think? Happy Monday, folks. I’m gonna be blogging at Fictionistas today, but it’ll be a little while…got work to do first!

fever, football, ceiling fans, and Polanski

I’m at home with a feverish kid today. Have my fingers crossed it’s just a fever bug and not the *whispers* flu. He seems to be okay right now, so maybe it’s just a 24 hour thing…though it did start yesterday when he had a headache that was making him cry.


Don’t you hate it when your babies are sick?

I cleaned off my desk yesterday, my friend Chris came over and installed a ceiling fan for me and I actually got the living room and dining room cleaned.

I also made some damn good chili and watched a lot of football. I love a good rainy Sunday.

Oh, and I caught up on some dvr’d shows. Am I the only one who thinks this season of Hell’s Kitchen sucks? I mean, there’s one dude I like, but none of them seem to be very good chefs and we’re down to the final four? WTF? Also, I was sad Louise got the boot in Project Runway…I liked her.

Today I blogged at Fictionistas about this Roman Polanski bullshit…and I started a list of real people who deserve our admiration. Pop over and add to the discussion.

Did you have a productive weekend? Tell me all about it.

back again! Sorta…

Went to Oxford for an awesome signing on Saturday. Returned Sunday. Headed back today to finally close on the house we’ve been trying to sell for 2 years. Yes. It’s true. Thank you, Universe.

I’m over at Fictionistas today talking about signs and local customs. You won’t wanna miss it. Here, let me give you a preview of my favorite street sign ever:

who loves Gena Showalter?

We all love Gena Showalter!

Head over to Fictionistas today and read a fabulous interview with Gena. One lucky commenter is going to win a signed copy of Intertwined, her amazing new YA novel!

In other news, my kids have decided now that I’m famous, we need a pool, a new car, and a home theater. Not necessarily in that order.

I’ve informed them that we don’t need a pool because Robyn has one and all we have to do is bring the beer and it’s as good as ours. That yes we do need a new car, but being “famous” doesn’t necessarily mean being “made of money” and the home theater they so desire is just a pipe dream…no matter how much money we’re made of.

Rader still believes the paparazzi is following us, but they’re just in hiding. I told him if they’re hiding, then they’re Private Investigators not Paparazzi. LOL