a head full of useless knowledge…but is it really useless?

Tuesday nights have turned into one of my favorite nights of the week. (Not sure it will ever surpass Girls Night Out on Thursdays, but it’s a very close 2nd)

What started out as a one-time gig has turned into a weekly occurrence. Trivia Night is held at Touchdown Sally’s in Benton every Tuesday night. It’s put on by Challenge Entertainment of Little Rock and the host is Brent Jackson (he does a bang up job, btw). Last night’s trivia topics were movies, television, sports, animals, music, cartoon theme songs, US history, recent events, celebrities, weather, politics, solar system, technology, advertising and state capitals! Halftime category: US Geography Wager of Death category: Chart Toppers

Our team name is BITE ME! (gee, wonder why we chose that name? could it be that maybe someone one the team wrote a book titled BITE ME!?) And our first week, we kinda sucked it up. Like big time. But we started late and didn’t know all the rules.

Now, we’re in the top three and after our big win last night (2nd win overall) we might be #1. If not, we’re close…very, very close!

My oldest kid has been joining us and last week, Cmac brought his giant of a kid (14 years old and 6’2! Not even kidding) and last night, All-Caps Kristal brought her kid to join us. And let me just tell you, the kids helped out. I never would’ve known the capitol of Pennsylvania was Harrisburg without Kristal’s kid Hunter! And last week, both Dylan and Ian answered a couple of questions that we weren’t sure of. It was awesome!

If Live Team Trivia is offered at a bar/restaurant near you, I highly suggest you give it a try. Team BITE ME! is hoping to play for the $10,000 prize! How awesome would that be, Internet?

Pretty damn awesome.

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