sweet anderson I’m tired!

Sweet Anderson! is my new favorite utterance. It’s actually the name of a race horse but we’ve decided it’s just awesome to say. And so we say it. Loudly. With exclamation points.

Try it. You’ll be hooked.

What a weekend, y’all. I actually have pictures from the Arkansas Literary Festival and from the epic soccer event but they are all on my camera. And my camera cord is…um…somewhere. I did get one pic with my phone from the festival:

LOOK! I’m on a poster! Okay, my book is on a poster, but whatever. How awesome is that?

I also got a couple of pics of the #2 child. I’ve always called Rader my “little brown baby” because he tans like I used to: Quickly and very dark. This is from two days in the sun with a shirt on:

Okay, at first I thought that ring-around-the-neckline was dirt and I tried to shout it out by yelling SWEET ANDERSON! at it. But then I realized it wasn’t dirt, it’s his tanline. Yes, he has soccer tan. I’ve told him next weekend he has to play shirtless so he can even out a bit. That’s a little freaky…

Hmmm, what else went on this weekend? I met some great new folks, had drinks with my besties, spoke at the festival about writerly stuff with my pal Stacey Jay and another author who I’d never met until that day–Deborah LeBlanc. Epic soccer (oh wait, I said that already) and bade my pally Mark Griffin a fond farewell as he prepares to leave for his tour in Afghanistan.

Sweet Anderson!! No wonder I just wanted to stay in bed this morning. (okay, I’m not really sure how that is different from any other morning, but work with me here.)

So tell me, Internet. What did you do this weekend? Regale me with your tales of awesome and yay!

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