bring it back!

I’m a citrusy-sweets girl. I prefer lemon over chocolate any day. Any time. Anyhow. (as a matter of fact, I can’t quite kill a craving for a lemon cupcake with lots of lemon frosting…)

That said, there was one wonderful chocolate confection from my childhood that would probably have me choosing chocolate over lemon…The Marathon Bar.

It was a long chocolate covered caramel braid. It was the funnest candy bar on earth to eat because you could take your chewy-gooey time with it if you wanted OR you could try to wad the whole thing up and stuff it in your mouth and see how long it took you to eat it. (not that I would ever do such a thing. Nope not me. I’m nothing but proper)

Best candy bar ever.

Apparently Cadbury has come up with a replacement called the Curly-Wurly but it can only be found in the UK and Canada.

Why am I being denied this morsel of tasty goodness? Is it because I have publicly denounced chocolate in favor of lemon? Are the chocolate faeries punishing me? Are they waiting until I take back my love for lemony treats before they reward me with the chocolate-caramel braid of love?

Well sorry to disappoint you, Chocolate Fae. I’m sticking to my gums guns. Lemon is better than chocolate. But if you bring back the Marathon Bar, I promise to rethink my position.

Now where’s my cupcake?

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