meet Clementine…

First of all, thanks for your continued patience with my blog glitches. Fishdog is working tirelessly trying to fix what is wrong. It’s a weird glitch but it looks like it’s been fixed…at least for now.

So guess what found me this weekend? A sweet little pregnant cat. Her name is Clementine. And she was most likely dumped in my yard when her other people discovered she was pregnant. Never have understood abandoning teens in a time when they need adults the most…but anyway.

She is very sweet and needy. If I go outside, she’s at my feet. Like a puppy. She and Ruby the Pug are not BFFs yet, but there is hope. She did a full on Ninja move in the yard the other day. Ran full speed like a road runner on her back legs with her paws and claws extended out front. Ruby is not a fan of Clementine the Calico Ninja…but she wants to friends so badly so she doesn’t give it. She just uncurls her little pug tail and approaches the Ninja Cat with proper reverence. Sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t.
After the 2nd night with us, Clementine the Calico Ninja saw Ruby sleeping on the top of the sofa. She wanted to check out the snoring dog so she walked right up to her, and put her paw on Ruby’s back for a couple of seconds. Then walked away and slept on the back of the loveseat.
So there’s hope.
The boys and I went to see Iron Man 2 this weekend. Fantastic! Highly recommend it. Very witty and entertaining.
Did you do anything special for Mother’s Day? Like pick up stray pregnant teen kitties who like ninja moves?

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