Let’s Groove Tonight

Antibiotic eyedrops AHOY! Lovin’ the fact that my eye doesn’t feel like a fat marshmallow anymore. SWEEEEET!

Last night was not our typical girls night out…we had our monthly Bunko game…the theme was Black Tie Bunko (which is funny, cuz my BFF Maria Geraci has a book called BUNCO BABES GONE WILD and they host a fundraiser called Black Tie Bunco…if you haven’t read it yet, SHAME ON YOU. Order it NOW!) Anyway, I wore black and white and had a black skull tie on…a couple of girls wore beautiful formal gowns. A couple wore suits. All in all it as a good time.

Tonight, I’m introducing my children to the legendary band EARTH, WIND AND FIRE. It’s gonna be awesome.

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