a MELting pot blog

Went back to the lake yesterday. Ahhhhhh. Don’t I look content? I’m telling you, Vitamin D is my favorite vitamin on earth.

I practiced driving the party barge…driving really isn’t an issue–it’s the parking it in the dock that I kinda suck at. It’s gonna be pretty interesting in a couple of weeks when I’m hosting my Bunko group at the lake. Those pics should be fun. Or not.

Tonight is trivia night. If I go, I’m gonna be late. I’m not sure I’ll know how to handle missing trivia…so I guess I better make sure I get there, huh?

Now, let’s talk BACHELORETTE:




First of all, CRAIG M. is the biggest douche known to man and I’m glad he’s gone. I think the Weatherman was right on: Craig M. is psycho. Glad Ali dumped him on his big-haired ass.

Justin bugs me. He seems sweet, but I’m telling you, something isn’t right with that boy. Mark my words, the wrassler isn’t an honest man.

Frank is so damn cute. I wanna eat him up with a spoon. Same with Roberto. Yummy. He can hit a homerun with me anytime.

Jesse is HOT. That body and those tats had me MELting everywhere. And I really like Ty. Alot. I have a feeling he’s gonna go a long way. If I were to pick the top 4, it would be Frank, Roberto, Jesse, and Ty. BUT, of that group, Jesse is the one who is least likely to go.

I truly think Roberto will go to the final 2. Not sure who the other one will be…maybe Ty (because wow he’s charming) or Frank (because he makes me laugh. I heart him…)

Are you watching? What do you think?

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