Scenes from the lake


This weekend was amazing. I can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed.

Rader and I hung out in the hammock on Saturday. I read, he talked. We had to actually put him on mandatory Quiet Time on the way home last night. Seriously. That kid just yammers on like he’s got something to say. LOL



This Spider is not real. However, you don’t know that when you pass by it. Trust me.




Da Godfodda was our water taxi driver. We enjoyed Saturday afternoon on the lake after the rain moved on.


A rare sighting! El Jefe!



It really was a wonderful weekend. I read. FOR PLEASURE, all weekend long. I can’t remember the last time I did that!! Honestly, if it weren’t for the 2 hour drive there…Laura and Mac would never get rid of us. LOL

I did somehow manage to get eaten alive by chiggers on the entire left side of my body. Ugh.

El Jefe discovered evidence that Anacondas have a lair at Greers Ferry Lake. Giant snake skins…but no snakes to go with them. Because they’re hiding. Watching. Waiting…

I hope your weekend was as magically delicious as ours!

Melf unplugged

The fellas (minus Ian because he’s a working man now) and I will be heading to the lake tomorrow for a full day and night of fun. And then we will rinse and repeat on Sunday. I am so ready for a break.

Which means, I’m unplugging this weekend. Sure I’ll have my phone on me (because I can’t NOT take pictures!!) but I am not gonna be online. Yup. Even Facebook. (maybe) (probably) (possibly) (hopefully) (not much). At. All.

Try not to miss me!

In other internet news… There has been a couple of really fantastic discussions on one of my favorite blogs. If you’re interested in seeing how internet discussion SHOULD work, check out this blog post over at Raising Kids Without Religion.

Actually, there are two pretty great discussions going on right now:

God as a placebo
Children Taking a Different Path

I really enjoy reading the well thought out discussions and the respectful way they are conducted. Religion (and politics) can be such divisive topics that they are rarely discussed without anger and condescension. It is so refreshing to know there are places on the internetz that allow for these discussions without all the child-like behavior. Who knew that could exist? I never leave that website wanting to yell MOM! SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET AGAIN!

Okay my bitches! I leave you with your moment of zen…which will also give you an idea of what I will be doing all weekend long…


topless driving and inappropriate conversations

How is it that I waited this long to buy a convertible? I will never have anything else now. *so in love with sally sparkle*



Seriously, I require a massive amount of sunlight to make me happy. Just driving with the top down on the way to work, starts my day off just right. No matter what mood I’m in when I wake up, I’m always happier after 20 minutes in the sun and wind.
Welcome to the bullet points of miscellany. My brain is in ADHD mode, so you have been warned:

  • My little salsa garden is doing great! I cannot wait to make my first batch of homemade salsa.
  • I was feeling kinda cranky last night and Rader was so cute trying to make me laugh. He finally managed to succeed.
  • Ian washed the dishes and watered the plants yesterday because he is awesome.
  • I have a doctor’s appointment in 10 days for a check up. Is it possible to lose 30lbs by then?
  • I am the best griller on earth. I know grilling is supposed to be a man’s job, but seriously, nobody with a penis can hold a candle to my awesome meat.
  • That makes me Queen of the Grill.
  • Eating clean is going pretty well, except for the 1 week hiccup due to my headcold…then I just ate anything that was easy. Mostly cheese and chimichangas. Apparently I needed to feed my cold Mexican food.
  • Stacey Jay is coming over again this weekend and I love her with ALL THE LOVE.
  • I don’t want her to leave me again.
  • We have fun conversations that are very inappropriate. Here’s a snippet of things you miss when you’re not with us “YOU CAN’T PUT YOUR CAT INSIDE ME!”
  • Please don’t ask me to provide the context of that quote.
  • Oh, here’s another provided by my friend Marissa: “She is little. She is mean. She is a bitch… HER NAME IS AMY.”
  • Stacey and I think that is a fantastic book title. We may have to write that story.
  • There is a mattress on my porch. We are klassy.
  • There may have been a discussion of droopy meat-curtains and shaggy rugs women who don’t landscape during swimsuit season.
  • Rader starts driver’s ed this week. He’s been rocking it with me, so I’m pretty sure he’ll pass with driving colors.
  • If I win the lottery, I’m going to fly far, far away.
  • I rewatched Game of Thrones and it wasn’t as meh for me this time. However, I still needed somebody bad to die. Mostly, I needed Joffrey to die.
  • I imagine Margeary killing Joffrey on their wedding night with the same bow he killed Roz with.
  • That will never happen, but it would be awesome.
  • He’s probably gonna die in some weaselly way…like choke on a rib bone while torturing Sansa. I would be okay with that, too, as long as nobody tries to save him and they watch him die.
  • I would like his grandpa to stand over him while he gasps for breath while choking. Grandpa would say, “I can’t hear you, did you say ‘save me, I’m your King?’ because, you’re no king.”
  • I need a swimming pool.
  • And a lake or beach in my backyard.
  • Sorry. I’m just saying things now.
  • I’ll stop bullet pointing and move on.
  • In a minute.
  • happy Tuesday y’all.
  • Bye.
  • Bye.


the sungoddess enjoyed her weekend. and a recipe! also a little Game of Thrones talk. #GoT

The ex used to call me a sungoddess and this weekend, I finally rediscovered her. (Boy I miss the lakehouse…)

The sun is worshiping the goddess. Or is the goddess worshiping the sun? Tomato/ToMAHto.

The sun is worshiping the goddess. Or is the goddess worshiping the sun? Tomato/ToMAHto.

So basically, Saturday the girls and I had a fabulous brunch where I cooked the most amazing quiche (recipe to follow) and Lynne fixed the most amazing biscuits and gravy and Robyn made the most amazing mimosas. And then we went to the pool and lounged about.

603151_10151978862592907_1571618475_n 993975_10151978975697907_911353790_n

Muy delicioso!


Pie crust
1 8 oz bar Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese
5 eggs
5(or more) cooked slices of bacon
1/4-1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup milk
baby spinach (about 3/4 of a cup)
1 cup cheddar cheese
salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon basil

Preheat oven to 425

Put the pie crust in the pie plate. (Duh) Soften the cream cheese then spread evenly on the pie crust. Cover the cream cheese with Cholula sauce. (to taste. I use a lot.) Break up all the bacon and layer it on top of the cream cheese. Layer 3/4 of the cheddar cheese next.

Whip the eggs, sour cream, milk, salt, pepper and basil til well blended. Remove the stems from the baby spinach and add to the egg mixture. Pour into the pie. Cover with remaining cheese.

Cover the edges of your crust with foil or a pie crust protector. Bake at 425 for 15 minutes, then turn the heat to 350 and bake another 20-30 minutes.

SUPRISE MUTHAFUCKA! This is some good shit! And it’s very high in protein, especially if you use the Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese.

Now…Let’s talk about the let down that was the Game of Thrones finale…

I mean, yes, I’m glad Arya and the Hound had a moment. And that Dani had a moment. And that Sansa and Tyrion and a moment. But when you offer up a foreshadowing smack to the head with a skillet when Bran discusses the unforgivable sin of killing a guest in your home…and then the next scene is that hideous Walder Frey bragging about having done just that…and then you DON’T KILL ANYONE THAT DESERVES TO DIE in the season finale…well, it’s just anticlimactic.

The episode was just Okay. I guess I have grown to have huge expectations from this show because this season has just flown by and each episode has really been fast and fulfilling…so I expected something more from the season ender.  I am soooo looking forward to the next season. I am really gonna miss Hodor. LOL

hodorWell, at least I have Newsroom to look forward to. Oh, and that trainwreck True Blood that I can’t seem to stop watching. I blame it on the Viking Vampire.

Rader returned safely from his tournament in Decatur. They were not champions, but they finished with a win in their final game. He reported that he played well and is glad to be back in AR. I’m gonna be glad to see him tonight. The prodigal son of mine returned home last night. It was nice to see his face again. I like having my big babies all under the same roof.

Alright gang. That’s about it for this Monday report. Except I’m crying all the cries because my arms are hurting all the hurts thanks to the weed-eater. WHY MUST IT WEIGH 20BILLION POUNDS? #ouch.

to the water!

It’s only Wednesday and all I can think about is Friday, noonish…because I’ll be lake bound with Jefe, the boys, and Robyn and her kids! And we’ve got a couple of other friends joining us Saturday for fun in the sun on a party barge.

I’ve missed going to our lakehouse this year. Our party barge is out of commission, so we haven’t had as much time up there as we’d like. However, this weekend will change all of that.

I predict some or all of these things will occur:

I absolutely can.not.wait.

The below message is intended for one person and one person only. If your name isn’t “Anonymous” you can just skip this…

Dear Anonymous Troll,

I’m sorry you’re so sad and pathetic that you have to keep popping up with little notes to me every few months. I know I’m awesome. I know you aren’t.  I don’t fucking care anymore. Get yourself medicated or go to hell. Or both. And please, if you’re gonna email me or troll my blog…PLEASE learn to spell. You just look like a fucking moron otherwise. Also, it’s been damn near two years…find yourself a life.


ps: No. I’m not going to ask about anything you tell me to ask about. This is just a desperate ploy for attention and an attempt to play at insecurities that just aren’t there. YOU are not relevant and you need to understand that. I don’t care about the past. I care about the present.. I hope you do find peace someday. Truly. Good luck.


I work on my tan. I should take advantage of the few remaining afternoons I have off before I rejoin the full timers. Also, I must get a good base tan going before the girls and I head to Orange Beach. I might also start to train my body for 4 days and 3 nights of overindulgence.

We have adopted the motto of “what happens in OB, stays in OB” (yeah, so we’ll be getting sued by Vegas any minute now) but I’m thinking that MAYBE I’ll offer a few sneak peeks into our 3 day attempt at completing all the 7 Deadly Sins…

Month of Mel: The End

And it’s another gloomy day here in The Rock. Luckily it’s supposed to be gorgeous and in the 70s this weekend…because the past week or more it has been cold, gray, and just plain yucky. I had to turn my heat back on! This should never happen after one has slept with the windows open. Someone needs to brush Mother Nature up on the RULZ.

I’ll be daydreaming all day that this is what I’m doing. Can’t you feel the sun warming your skin? Don’t you just wanna jump into the water and cool off?

Oh summer-like weather: Why hast thou forsaken me?

So we bring the Month of Mel to a close with dreams of sunkissed skin and lots of frolicking in the water. Let’s all dive into the deep end today!

2011: Month of Mel Day 18

I did not get kidnapped by leprechauns last night, nor did I find the pot o’ gold. But I did have a fantastic time with a group of women that I will be traveling to the beach with in exactly 46 days.

If y’all know anything about me, it’s that I need to be at the beach. Remember my charm necklace? One of my charms says Sand, Sun, Surf and that is pretty much my key to happiness right there.
This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous. We’re gonna have near 80 degree weather (it was actually 85 yesterday!!) and SUNSHINE! I am going to allow the sun to worship me all weekend. I’m not exactly sure what my plans are yet, but I promise to report back on Monday–with a tan line.
Okay, it’s off to work I go now, but I will be done at noon, and you will find me sitting in the sun reading by 12:30… Okay, maybe 1:30 as I do need to do a few things inside the house first…
Y’all have a great weekend! If you have any big plans, report them to me. If you are snowed in somewhere, I’ll try to send some sun vibes your way.

you were my sunshine, my only sunshine…

You made me happy, WHEN YOU WERE AROUND!

OMG. I’m so damn ready for some sun! How do people live in areas where they have no sunlight at all for extended periods of time? I’m going out-of-my-mind crazy! I just wanna crawl under the covers and stay there. It’s not right and I don’t like it one bit.

This is my least favorite time of year. I abhor January and most of February. It’s mostly gray and cold and there’s lots of fog and discontent. (Or did I just describe myself?) All I can think about lately is warm weather, trips to the lake or the pool, walking by the river and getting burned by the sun not by the wind, and just being generally content.

This is why I’m a warm weather girl. This is why I belong in a state like Florida. I belong where there is water and warmth almost all the time. I belong on a beach. I am THAT girl and I’m totally good with that.

We’re headed to Atlanta for a baby shower this weekend and I checked the forecast so I could pack properly and what do I discover? Lows in the low 20s, highs only around 40. Dammit. So I’m gonna be doing a lot of mental vacationing while I’m gone…and this is where I’ll be:

oh yeah I like it like that

Spent Saturday with Birdrunner soaking up the sun, her company, and several adult beverages. We read the Chuck Norris vs. Mr. T. book and laughed our collective booties off. We listened to music that drove her 10 year old daughter nuts and gossiped about red heads, men, and the kids. On the PSI scale, it was a 10 day for sure!

Yesterday was a day of cleaning and reconnecting. I needed the down time. I ‘ve been swamped these past few weeks–just going non-stop. And my house and my body were suffering for it! I still need to do laundry, but I did manage to get rid of the clutter that had taken over my tee-tiny living room. I also managed to get a nap in…which is always a good thing!

Now for the entertainment portion of today’s blog:

Mr. T puts the laughter in manslaughter.

Mr. T was fired from the Psychic Friends Network for always predicting pain.

Despite popular belief, if there is a fool in the woods, and nobody is around to hear his jibba jabba, Mr. T is still able to pity him.

Chuck Norris was cast as the protagonist in Terminator, but he later bowed out of the role, since he has already stopped a time war between machines and mankind. Twice.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself, and fear itself fears Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris invented black. In fact, he invented the entire spectrum of visible light. Except pink. Tom Cruise invented pink.

Oh and happy or sad Elvis “Death” Day (I used quotes because you know he’s really not dead. Right?) Here’s my favorite E song. Long live the King.