it’s THURSDAY all up in here!

First of all, a little housekeeping. You may have noticed that now takes you to a home page. It’s a pretty cool looking page, if I do say so myself. Thanks fishdog for fixing that up for me. We’d been having some issues with the links not working properly, etc. but it’s all better now. You may have to change your blog feed address to if you want to keep viewing Mel-O-Drama in a reader.

So the other day, my youngest niece Scarlette called me. The conversation went something like this;

Scar: Hey Aunt Mel, can you come to my school picnic so my
best friend can meet you?
Aunt Mel: You mean I’ll get attention from an adoring
Scar: Yes. She loves you.
Aunt Mel: Duh. Of course I’ll be there. Even if your best
friend didn’t give me attention because you’re my niece and you called and asked
Scar: Yeah. Whatever. Thanks!

I believe this means I’m totally giving my niece street cred of some sort. THAT’S AWESOME RIGHT THERE.

So this afternoon I’ll be hanging at Pine Haven Elementary in Bauxite, AR for their end of the school year picnic with my niece. And apparently an adoring fan. Oh yeah. Somebody get the head shrinking gear out. I think I’m gonna need it!

Seriously though, I love it when I get emails and letters from kids (and parents!) who love my book. It makes my day. The fact that this ‘fan letter’ came via a phone call from my niece might just be the coolest of the cool.

What y’all got going on today?

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