weekend wrap up with 50% more pictures!

First off: Happy VCR Day! Yes, I blogged about this fantastic holiday over at Fictionistas. Check-check-check-check it out!

Weekend Recap:

Friday evening and Saturday morning this was my view:

Yes that’s right. I had John Deere Dreams this weekend. See, my new casa is on an acre of land which is connected to my madre’s casa which is on 5 acres of land. So in lieu of rent, me and the boys do what we can to tend the land. Especially now that madre has had hand surgery.

Then Saturday night I went to Juanita’s to see my BFF Jenn Christman perform stand up for the 2nd time ever. She was a big hit! In the world of Bonuses, I got to see a former high school classmate of mine perform as well. Angry Patrick is indeed angry. But he is also funny.

Then Sunday, this was my view for a few hours:

And on Sunday night, the boys and I had dinner with friends and I met their niece who loved BITE ME! and was so excited to hear that Aunt Jena and Uncle Paul knew the author. Here I am with Emily (from Pontotoc, MS. Just a few miles down the road from Oxford, where I lived for 7 years!)

I wish I could say after such a busy weekend, that I’m well rested. But no. I didn’t sleep worth a crap last night thanks to a horrific nightmare. I don’t know about you, but dreaming of stabbing a stalker in the throat is just not my idea of fun.

Did y’all have a great weekend? Do anything special?

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