Dirty Little Secret: Sarah Jessica Parker & I have 1 thing in common

Dirty Little Secret # 5 (I think)

Know what SJP and me have in common?

No, it’s not our body type. She’s a stick–I’m a marshmallow (fluffy and fabulous)

No, it’s not our hair. Duh.

No, it’s not our taste in clothing…

No, it’s not Matthew Broderick (anymore)

Tired of guessing?

The one thing me and SJP have in common is we both have Man Hands. (though I will admit her hands are MUCH more manly than mine. I win.)

Seriously, when people ask “what’s the one thing you’d change about yourself.” you’d expect my answer to be “my thighs.” or “Antarctica aka my ass.” Or maybe even “my metabolism” (ok, yeah, I would really like to change that.) but no…those are not ever my first answer. My first answer has always been and will probably always be “My man hands.”

Growing up I never felt very feminine. I was an athlete. I wore shorts, jeans and sweats. My hair was always in a pony tail. Makeup was something I used to remind boys that I was actually a girl. I was tough, had a potty-mouth, wasn’t petite, and I had man hands.

Fast-forward 20 years…the only thing that has changed is that I now wear dresses. Do you know how weird it is to have on a dress and still have Man Hands?

So yeah. That’s my dirty little secret. Sure, it’s not as fun as my naughty river overflowing for Blue’s Clues Steve, or my white trash crushes…but still. It’s another of the many Dirty Little Secrets that I find the need to confess here in my blog. Next time you see me in person, please try not to stare at my Man Hands. I know it will be difficult…

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