humpday happenins

First off…Team BITE ME! took first prize at trivia night last night! YAY! It had been a few weeks since we’ve been #1 so last night’s win tasted super sweet. And the $50 gift card covered our entire tab minus $3 + tip. Can’t beat that with a stick.
The only thing that would’ve made last night better? We were missing ALL-CAPS Kristal. Trivia night just isn’t the same without my compadre.

I finally caught up on this week’s Bachelorette. Good Lord. Kasey needs to take about 7 types of medication. And if I ever hear any of you say “Guard and protect your heart.” I will punch you in the nuts. And if you don’t have nuts, I’ll punch you somewhere in the vicinity of where your nuts should be. That phrase is banned forever and ever and ever. Amen.

Rapid & random topic change
So my daddy and I were talking the other day and he said something I hadn’t heard him say in forever. “That girl is so ugly, she has to sneak up on the well to get a drink of water.”

Wow. That’s some kinda ugly, I guess. Made me snort when I heard it. He also says “That boy got hit in the face with the ugly stick and the stick broke.” I’m thinking my daddy thinks there are lots of ugly people in this world. Sometimes being southern is just plain funny.

I don’t know why I thought y’all needed to hear that.

BTW, thanks for the emails, comments, texts, etc. fully supporting (<–bwahahaha!) me and my Cleavage von Cleavageton bathing suit. The consensus is, "If you got it–flaunt it." I'm not sure about flaunting, but I'll happily wear it again.

Release day for LOVE SUCKS! is just a few weeks away! July 27 is right around the corner!! YAY!!!

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