The Godfadda

So my BFF from college was here. Nick also happens to be Godfadda to da boys. And he hasn’t seen them in a while…so he was a bit shocked at the deep voices, furry lips, and massive shoe sizes.

They, of course, didn’t act like they were teens when they saw their Uncle Nick. Not that they are supposed to….

We were joined by my high school BFF and after the boys were finished pummeling Nick, the three of us went out. And after a pre-dinner cocktail at Wine By the Glass, I took them to SO Restaurant (where I enjoy Wine Wednesdays) and we had a wonderful dinner and we were properly attended by the amazingly handsome waitstaff. It was a great night, though it ended on a bit of a sour note because Jen’s car was vandalized while we were out. There really is no shortage of a-holes in this world, is there?
In other fun news, Angry Patrick blogged about my books this morning. Gotta love that. 🙂 I especially love that he included me in with a post about The Bieb. *koff*

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