a sunday post!

I know, a Sunday post is a rarity…but I just have to share.

Mamafox over at Page Turner Reviews just posted a wonderful review of LOVE SUCKS!

Here’s my favorite part:

Enter Lex, a smart, sexy “trainer” her aunt brings in to teach her to block her thoughts and fight the evil around them. Lex is quick witted and smooth. His character was an infusion of fun for the story. He is fun and exciting, which is exactly what AJ needs to get over Ryan. Lex can read thoughts, so he knows how AJ feels about Ryan, but he also knows that Ryan still loves her too. Lex exploits this and provides some great comedy and romance to the story line. He is my favorite character and I admit to a fangirl crush on him!

I’m so stoked that people are loving Lex the way I love him!!!! He’s sex-on-a-stake if you ask me.

BTW, Chuck Norris gives LOVE SUCKS! a big thumbs up…so I’m thinking you have no choice but to buy the book. Otherwise, Chuck might be forced to give you a roundhouse kick to the face and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

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