Foozball is (not) the DEBIL

First of all, WATERBOY is one of the bestest movies ever. If you disagree, then why do you even read my blog because it’s obvious you don’t get “me.” LOL

Rader has a football jamboree tonight. They are playing two different teams, 10 plays each game. It’s not a ‘real’ game per se, but it will be good practice. I’m stoked. Last year my Tuesday nights were filled with trivia and Touchdown Sally’s. This year, they’ll be filled with football.

His position has changed some since my last post. It seems that he is well suited to play left offensive tackle and he’ll be the back up center. He’s stoked because he’s starting offense. I’m stoked because he’s playing football. LOL Unlike Bobby Boucher’s momma, I don’t think Foosball is the Debil!

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